MAURICE’s BEAUTIFUL BRAIN – in 2009 – after he was not shot and not carted to Ashworth Psychiatric High Security Prison

Amazing how millions of people go by so much crime and corruption without even a minute of thought.

Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

14 01 23 Bautiful BrainNewcomers to this veteran in exposing and challenging South Wales Police cannot appreciate the significance of this brain scan.

I met him first, when he attended one of the meetings I used to organise at the House of Lords.

He had just come out of psychiatric Caswell Clinic where he had spent some seven months: Maurice Kirk The Flying Vet

Hindsight makes it clear:

  1. South Wales Police (SWP) used MAPPA to have the ‘legalised permission’ to shoot him – for he has enough evidence against them to win his claim for civil damages – but SWP can’t allow that to happen, can they!? They’d rather commit crimes to cover up crimes – just as Haringey Council and Haringey Police: same abuse of power, process and authority.
  2. SWP paid the Director of Caswell Clinic to write a medical report that said Maurice had significant brain damage, possibly cancer, so…

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