It is now getting on for 4 weeks since Robert first reported feeling unwell to the Perth prison authorities towards the end of March, although the symptoms had been coming on for a while before that.

It then took A WHOLE WEEK for the prison to organise a doctor to come and see him which happened on 4th April. She ascertained his blood pressure was abnormally high, 206 over 145, took blood & urine samples and carried out an ECG.

A week later,11th April the results of the tests came back: Robert was/is suffering from angina which could be symptomatic of the return of an historic heart condition. His blood pressure had dropped to 188 over 104 which is still high and he was prescribed medication.

Yesterday 18th April, a week later his blood pressure had not been re-assessed and a supporter who visited him said he still did not feel at all well – the medication whatever it is is clearly not working…

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE – can we ramp up the emailing please, we must now get the English authorities to start putting strong pressure on Salmond & Co. and make them get Robert taken first to hospital then released.

Please could everyone write immediately to YOUR MP to forward to the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Scotland also First Minister Alex Salmond and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon marking the email as URGENT-EASTER EMERGENCY and write roughly as follows:

An English/Welshman Robert Green who is being held in HMP Perth on remand pending trial on charges that remain obscure but appear to be connected to his campaigning for better child-protection in Scotland is very ill with what appears to be heart-trouble.

ROBERT NEEDS TO GO TO HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY. He is 68 and has suffered intermittently from a heart-condition. He has reported feeling unwell since mid-March but was only seen by a doctor on 4th April who prescribed medication but this is having little or no beneficial effect.

Robert Green has committed no crime whatsoever and has already served over 3 months pending a trial which he has been told may not even take place. There are strong fears for his life at this stage.

Please let Mr Salmond who is well aware already of the situation know that Mr Green’s condition is deteriorating and he urgently needs to go to hospital.

Original Article at Free Robert Green http://www.freerobertgreen.co.uk/easter-emergency-get-robert-to-hospital/

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