Letter from Robert Green


Thank you for your message [on Email a Prisoner  https://emaplogin.prison-technology-services.com/signup/signup.cfm?country=uk) . Yes I do have some medication now, which does help although I feel my health is deteriorating.  Still, I receive the most wonderful support from around the world and remain, as usual, in good spirits.

The wing of the prison in which I am held is very old-fashioned and I am in solitary confinement, locked up, for around 19 hours each day. The food is basic but adequate. We do not eat together but collect our meals and eat in our cells. There is around one hour’s exercise in the yard provided every day, but few facilities beyond that. Virtually all the books I have are ones that have been sent in by kind supporters.

My cell door is of solid steel and the window is more of a sky-light. Medical attention is difficult to obtain and it took three weeks to be even provided with a change of underwear and socks, but with outside pressure exerted on the governors, this situation has been corrected satisfactorily, although I do worry about other prisoners who do not enjoy the support I have.

My fellow-prisoners are very helpful and not at all what the outside world might imagine. I have no doubt that 75% of them should not ever be here. Last week, one of the inmates had been imprisoned here for 6 weeks for stealing a cream cake!

It must be said that the officers are of very high calibre, performing their duties with compassion, patience and professionalism. Of course, it can be a very dangerous occupation and their work ought to be properly appreciated by the outside world.

I hope this helps with your research.

Best wishes


This ‘introductory’ letter to someone who has just started supporting Robert is a good one on which to hang some additional facts or points about his current situation.

WINDOW-MORE-OF-A-SKYLIGHT: Robert has missed another beautiful spring as we are all enjoying, being unable to view daily so much as a blade of grass, for the second time in 2 years, for standing up to protect children & the disabled, not to mention the still-united UK’s justice-system, this is the reality of Robert’s and all our situation, please think about this long and deeply;

LACK OF MEDICAL ATTENTION:  Despite having suffered from a heart–related problem & high blood-pressure Robert’s blood pressure has not been taken again since the doctor visited him on Friday 4th April. His solicitor is still waiting to receive copies of his medical records corroborating his historic heart condition over 4 weeks from when they were first requested;

BOOKS: Thank goodness as we know Robert enjoys reading or life inside would be bleak in the extreme. One book in particular he has mentioned twice in more or less daily phone-calls which has obviously impressed him is called ‘Ultimate Price’ and is about Christians in Nazi Germany who stood up to Hitler and paid a bitter price for that, yet in Scotland in 2014 no one, Christian or otherwise seems to have the guts to stand up to Alex Salmond – Salmond apparently trumps Hitler!

75% PRISONERS “SHOULD NOT EVER BE HERE”: This is a very worrying indictment of the justice-system in Scotland although may not be confined to Scotland. Robert himself is certainly one who “should not ever be here,” as the evidence supporting the current charges against him must be flimsy to the point of being non-existent, relating as it presumably does to private correspondence taken from his computer after it was seized in the latest raid on his house on 13th February. And by now he certainly should have been released on bail, had not the judge been informed at the third/latest bail application hearing on 19th March, for which he was not produced as for sure he would have objected to what was being said about him, that he had been leafleting outside Aberdeen Sheriff Court! He has written twice? 3 times? to the Procurator Fiscal, Andrew Shanks asking whether it was he who had given this totally incorrect information to the judge, Lady Wise? (no, this is not a made-up name). Robert hasn’t been anywhere remotely near Aberdeen since leaving Craiginches prison on 17th May 2012 up until his return on 13th February 2014 in the back of a police car!

And having cited a certain Dame to be a witness at his trial at Stonehaven in January 2012 which didn’t happen, what confidence can Robert have that he will manage to get his two current targets, the present Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland and chief suspect in the Hollie Greig abuse-case, Hollie’s father Denis Mackie into the witness-box at his forthcoming trial, whenever that will be?

He wants Mulholland to clarify to whom he is referring as “independent counsel” in typical response to correspondence on the part of MPs incited by their constituents to enquire into whether a young disabled woman’s allegations of having been abused during her childhood by her father and a group of his relatives and friends have any substance? that the allegations have been “thoroughly investigated” including by “independent counsel.”

This is a very relevant and hot topic in the Scottish legal world as Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill is right now being hauled over the coals for his attempt to do away with the cherished Scottish principle of ‘corroboration’ regarding any crime committed including rape (at the same time controversial, as how can a rape-victim easily find another victim or witness to corroborate an act that usually takes place well behind the bushes and at dead of night?)

And as to Denis Mackie in the witness-box – in our dreams! Denis Mackie himself, arch-villain that he is, has been conspicuous by his absence throughout the whole drama being played out in N-E Scotland 2000-2014 – note he Mackie himself has never complained about being named which is why I continue to name him, in reasonable security by now that he of all people will not react our accusations, nor yet Hollie’s older brother Greg, schooled by Mackie into raping Hollie from a young age.

Please continue to sign the Petition to get Robert released asap http://www.change.org/petitions/andrew-shanks-procurator-fiscal-for-aberdeen-release-robert-green-on-compassionate-grounds-please?utm_medium=email&utm_source=notification&utm_campaign=new_petition_recruit#share&utm_source=gem7&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Release%20Robert

Original Article at Free Robert Green http://www.freerobertgreen.co.uk/letter-from-robert/

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  1. Please get in contact with me. I need to find Mrs Swanson who has been doing great things for the hollie campaign. Tim was telling me about her and she has been in contact with Alison McInnes (my local map) I too have been campaigning McInnes and DC Lisa Evans is a result of me speaking out against her as she was very aggressive in my perjury call to her. I mailed McInnes about the inhumane treatment of robert but have yet to receive any response.

    My email is Scottpattinson@gmail.com

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