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Crown’s appeal against bail for Robert Edinburgh Tuesday

The hearing will be tomorrow not Wednesday, presumably at the Supreme Court. More details as we get them.


Regarding emails or letters to Kingsley Thomas at the Scottish Legal Aid Board, I have ascertained this morning that Mr Thomas is on annual leave till 2nd June so I’m attempting to find out who is dealing with his correspondence in the meantime, to ensure that any correspondence that has already reached him does not sit on his desk till 2nd June which would the easiest way to ignore us!  Apologies for being a bit  cynical at this stage…

Original Article at Free Robert Green

Bail granted but back in Perth…



In a sudden twist in the last few moments of what looked at last as if it was going to be 4th time lucky for Robert to get bail – the sheet with the conditions had been handed to Prisoner number 125799 and Mr Sweeney his solicitor had pledged to make sure his client would adhere to them – but then the Procurator Fiscal scuppered all of that by lodging an Continue reading →

Chinese police to be drafted in to Paris to help protect tourists

Officers will patrol with French counterparts to prevent fellow citizens being targeted by pickpockets and muggers.

  •, Wednesday 7 May 2014
    A French police officer patrols on Trocadero Square in front of the Eiffel Tower. Photograph: Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images


    Paris police are to draft in reinforcements from China to help patrol the French capital during the summer tourist boom.

    The foreign officers will be deployed to key landmarks to prevent Chinese visitors – around 1 million of whom come to France every year – being targeted by pickpockets and muggers.

    A plan originating from the French Interior Ministry proposed that Chinese police officers would patrol with their French counterparts in Paris tourist spots. A ministry spokesperson refused to give details or numbers, but said their role would be preventative, and that they would operate as part of a global operation to protect tourists across the city.

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Report From Meeting Up With Robert Green Fri May 9th 2014

This report on the events of Friday 9th May has just come in from a key supporter:

Hello all, 

I saw Robert tonight at HMP Perth; lots to cover:

He was taken to Aberdeen first thing this morning in an enclosed uncomfortable G4S van, almost two hours for the trip each way. This was followed by six hours in a holding cell. He had hay fever acting up badly and was feeling pretty rough by the time he appeared in front of the travelling sheriff, Sheriff Brown. This caused much concern to his supporters who had travelled to be at the hearing ; but is not a matter of serious concern. He did, however, have heart pains the previous day so health issues generally remain to the fore. As you know he was remanded in custody for another week; everything else was positive though. 

Firstly, Robert was very happy with the legal representation provided by his solicitor Mr Campbell; quietly behind the scenes it seems this was very effective as they have not only downgraded the case from a solemn to a summary trial, but has further reduced the case to one with a maximum sentence of six months. This is hugely significant as with good behaviour (Robert’s is impeccable) this means three months inside. He has already served a total of 84 days so in less than a week he will have completed his maximum sentence, all before being charged / indicted! His next court appearance, on Friday next week, absent some underhand dirty dealing from the fiscal, should see him released on bail. He is understandably loath to Continue reading →

Western Warmongering Based on Lies and Fabrication

By Finian Cunningham ROBBER BARONS

May 07 2014 “ICH” – “SCF” – Nearly a year ago American whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the global scale of US government spying. With an annual budget of over $50 billion, the National Security Agency has the technology and the highest political backing to tap into any phone call, email or other electronic communication – anywhere and at anytime. Even, said the Snowden, a president of the US is vulnerable to the NSA’s invasive spying power, such is the agency’s totalitarian reach.

Perhaps the most famous snoop conducted by the NSA was the revelation that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal mobile phone was being tracked. Merkel’s is just one of billions of private communications that the NSA have access to, according to Snowden’s disclosures. And Russia is among the top international targets for American eavesdropping.

Yet with all this capacity to breach private communications, the vast global web of American spy technology has not been able to produce a single piece of evidence to support Washington’s high-flown claims that Russia is secretly orchestrating protests in Ukraine.

For weeks now, Western governments and their dutiful news media have been propounding a mantra that Moscow has infiltrated eastern and southern Ukraine to whip up «anti-Kiev», «separatist» or «pro-Russia» demonstrations. The accusation has become almost a doctrinal truth. President Barack Obama says it. His Secretary of State John Kerry says it. The US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power says it… Day in, day out, Western politicians and the news media in the US and Europe echo the mantra of Russian subversion in Ukraine.

One variant of the mantra was that Russian agents had been captured last month in eastern Ukraine by the Kiev regime’s security forces. When Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov demanded proof, his American counterpart John Kerry said the information couldn’t be disclosed in order to «protect sources».

In other words, Kerry doesn’t have any evidence. But what about the awesome invasive power of the NSA? Surely one phone call or email interception could be hacked into that would prove the West’s claims of a dastardly Kremlin plot to foment rebellion in Ukraine, and thereby show that Moscow is «building a pretext for outright invasion»?

Not an iota, not a scintilla, not a whiff of such Kremlin-directed covert operations has been produced, not even something that might provide the crude basis for a Pentagon fabrication.

At $50 billion a year, this has got be, on the face of it, the most inefficient spy industry in the world. To put that figure in perspective: it is about 10 per cent of the entire US military budget, or equivalent to the total military spend of Britain and France each. Remember too that the NSA’s spying activities is only a part of the entire US surveillance arsenal. In addition, there are the networks of the Central Intelligence Agency and the satellites and U2 spy planes of the US Air Force.

The complete dearth of evidence to support Western claims of Russian subversion in Ukraine is either gargantuan inefficiency of US spying operations – or, more likely, it betrays the simple fact that there is no evidence of subversion. In other words, the Western mantra of Russian destabilization in Ukraine is a propaganda myth. This is what Moscow has been maintaining all along, that its Special Forces or agents are not involved in the unrest, or now the deadly violence convulsing Ukraine.

If we dispel the Western propaganda myth, then we must consider an alternative narrative. That narrative is that ethnic Russian populations and other dissenting Ukrainians – more than half the Ukrainian total of 45 million – are simply rebelling against the Western-backed fascist junta that seized power in Kiev in February. Given the campaign of low-intensity terror that the Kiev regime and its neo-Nazi paramilitaries have embarked on since it grabbed power, the people of the east and south of Ukraine have every right to take up arms and defy the self-imposed reactionary rule of the illegal coup.

Following the massacre of more than 40 unarmed anti-Kiev protesters in Odessa last weekend and the ongoing military assault on towns and cities in the east of Ukraine the protesters have gained even more moral and legal right to resist with arms.

But to accept this alternative narrative of a people-led rebellion against a murderous reactionary, illegal regime is to destroy the Western propaganda cover for its own culpability in what is going on in Ukraine. The Western cover story is that a popular, grassroots pro-democracy revolution sprung up in Kiev’s Maidan Square last November and eventually overthrew the pro-Russian crony president Viktor Yanukovych.

If that were the case then why are dozens of cities and towns in the east and south of Ukraine rebelling against this «democratic revolution»? Why are innocent people being burned alive in buildings by supporters of the «democratic revolution»? Why are unarmed civilians being shot down on the streets for the only offence of voicing their dissent against the «democratic revolution»?

To avoid these questions, and the disturbing answers they lead to, Western governments and their media must keep resorting to the ideological mantra that Russia, led by the «Machiavellian Putin», is behind all the violence and chaos.

But as we have seen even with America’s global spy industry that can break into the personal mobile phones of world leaders not a shred of evidence has been unearthed to support the Western hyperbole of «Russian subterfuge».

The few ostensible scraps of «evidence» that have been presented so far have ended up being discredited, retracted or, at best, forgotten as worthless. Recall the NATO satellite photo that purportedly showed massive Russian military build-up on Ukraine’s eastern border and cited as evidence of imminent invasion. That was quickly ditched when it emerged that the image was from previous years apparently showing routine Russian military maneuvers within its own territory.

NATO’s top commander, American Four Star General Philip Breedlove was only a few weeks ago warning about Russian forces invading Ukraine based on the spurious satellite image. Now he has changed his tune because of his vanishing «satellite fact». Earlier this week, Breedlove said that Russia was not going to invade Ukraine… because, reports Voice of America, «he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin will keep doing what he is doing – creating unrest, discrediting the Ukrainian government [sic] and stirring up a separatist movement».

The VOA went on to report: «The NATO commander said he is certain Russian special forces are in Ukraine».

No facts, no proof, just a subjective, unverifiable «certain». Is this the same «certain» as Colin Powell’s WMD «certain» in Iraq? Or Samantha’s Power’s «certain» about the Syrian army using chemical weapons near Damascus last year?

Then there was the photo published by the New York Times last month allegedly showing Russian Special Forces in Ukraine. Days later, the newspaper of record had to issue a retraction for publishing misinformation.

Last weekend saw another embarrassing admission by the New York Times – albeit indirect and low-key. After weeks of claiming «Russian expansionism» and «covert destabilization» in Ukraine, this particular story should have produced a resounding mea culpa from the editors.

On May 3, the Times published an article under the headline: ‘Behind the Masks in Ukraine, Many Faces of Rebellion’. Its two senior reporters, CJ Chivers and Noah Sneider, spent a week in Slavyansk in the Donetz region with a company of People’s Self-Defense militia. It was clear from the newspaper’s recent biased coverage of events in Ukraine alleging a sinister covert Russian role that the reporters were expecting to find damning evidence of Kremlin Special Forces, FSB agents and bristling military equipment bolstering the local militia.

Well, after a week of being freely and openly received by the Slavyansk militia and the local people, the New York Times had to conclude: «There was no clear Russian link in the 12th Company’s arsenal…»

All of the military men turned out to be locals or from other parts of Ukraine, such as Odessa. Some of them served in the Russian military in the past. But all them flatly denied any Russian liaison in the ongoing defense of their towns against the «Kiev fascists». «There is no Russia master», said the group’s commander, named Yuri, who with good humor dismissed the probing of the American journalists as being silly.

Indeed, even the New York Times correspondents reported that the men complained of being short of fighting equipment and not having the latest Russian gear. So much for Kremlin-inspired subversion!

The significance of this report is that the New York Times has been leading the Western media propaganda campaign, in the service of Washington’s geopolitical agenda, in order to demonize Russia and specifically to portray Moscow as the provocateur in the Ukraine crisis. The absence of any proof, even when the New York Times paid propagandists are sent «behind enemy lines», is a damning admission.

Yet in spite of this vacuum of supporting evidence, the Western political leaders and their media persist against all reason and intelligent rationale with their specious claims that Russia is sowing subversion in Ukraine.

The gutter-level nadir of Western journalism was reached in the days immediately after the massacre in Odessa. Instead of clearly reporting the facts of this mass killing and the fascist perpetrators, the Western media engaged in muddying the waters, claiming that the deaths were the result of «street clashes». The Western media even indulged the Kiev regime’s odious claims that «Russian agents were to blame» and that the incident was an example of Russia’s «plan to destroy Ukraine».

Reuters, one of the main news feeds for Western media, reported: «Ukraine’s interior minister said on Monday he had drafted a new special forces unit in the southern port city of Odessa after the ‘outrageous’ failure of police to tackle pro-Russian separatists in a weekend of violence that killed dozens».

Similar misleading reports were carried by the BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Washington Post, France 24, among others.

The neo-Nazi murderers, the Kiev junta and its Western sponsors are sanitized from involvement in mass murder and the unfolding violence across Ukraine. Instead, the blame is insinuated against the victims of violence, and against Russia and fictitious pro-Russian agents, despite Moscow’s evident diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the conflict.

The disturbing thing about this systematic lying and distortion is that its logical conclusion is war. Moreover, it is carried out by organizations that claim to be bastions of free and independent journalism. In reality, they are nothing but propaganda tools of a totalitarian regime led by Washington that is honed for war.

© Strategic Culture Foundation

Visit to Robert and Rusty Friday 2nd May


[AMENDED 5th May]

On Friday I at last made it up to Scotland to visit Robert and Rusty

First stop was Peterhead which felt like the edge of the world, with the posh new prison perched on a rocky out-crop surrounded by sea, a kind of Scottish Alcatraz and yet in its lack of the characteristic high walls, at least at the front of the complex, looking from the outside more like a state-of-the art conference-hall or sports centre than a penitentiary. The internal décor was likewise colourful and even on the luxurious side while the staff seemed relaxed and friendly with the regular visitors chatting and cracking jokes with them in the queue to enter the visiting hall.

The accolades end there though as Rusty, a former engineer said £97 million had been cut off the budget for building the prison, with the result that there were a number of crass defects such as for example, the stain-proof glazing of the showpiece all-glass corridor linking the reception area of the complex to the dormitory units having been placed on the Continue reading →

Albert Pike and Three World Wars: 1871

(Before It’s News)


Vatic Note:  If we refuse to fight in their third world war, they are screwed and therefore, that is what we must do.   We know more today than they ever did pre WW I, pre-WW II and right on up to the late 1980’s.   Its been since the advent of the internet that has changed all that.  Jay Rockefeller was right when he screamed and waved his arms around  and said “The internet should never have been created, its RUINING everything.”   

Lets make sure he was right.   If we, world wide, refuse to fight in their third world war, then they can’t complete their agenda.  At least not the way Albert Pike laid it out for them.   Just look at how far back this goes and how long the Zionists have been planning for world war III, and global domination of the planet.   This has been passed on generation to generation through the secret societies that JFK warned us about in 1961, just a couple of years before they assassinated him.

What we are seeing here is something, ONLY WE CAN STOP IN THE MILLIONS, and that is their only fear about all of this.   There will be a point where we cannot, but we must wake up our fellow Americans to the seriousness of this and the planning that has gone into it.   The leaders we need right now are those of the upper class that are still patriotic and believe in the freedom and liberties that made them successful.   We need you to step forward and do what must be done.   You lead and we will follow.   This must happen in every country across the world.  Good luck and God Bless all of us, we are going to need it.

When you read about what he says about the objectives of each of these wars, you truly begin to see the brilliance with which this man moved his objectives forward.  Each world war resulted in exactly what he had asked for them to do.
WW III is still left to be completed, but with advanced knowledge we have a good chance of thwarting that plan.

MAKE THIS GO VIRAL….. ITS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.  You can see in his objectives he lists, how the Muslims became the bad guys for WW III.   THEY PLANNED IT THAT WAY in order to remove the last resistance to globalizing from this planet.   It now explains 9-11  and blaming it on the Muslims and while many are waking up to the fact Muslims did nothing,  many still believe that the “”Muslims are the bad guys”, so we will hate them and try to wipe them out.

This all explains why BRITAIN, and the khazars running that country gave control of the oil of the Ottoman Empire after WW I to the khazars who pretended to be arab royalty, but were not arabs at all.   Then Israel became a country run once again by Khazars pretending to be Jewish.  See the connection and the planning?   Amazing, insane, and brilliant.  In reality all those connected to this massive undertaking are Satanists and their one world global order is to be a Satanic One World order.  That is why factions of the Muslim world work in deception with the khazars of Zionist Israel. But infact, they are not Muslims at all.

Albert Pike and Three World Wars
by Admin,  Three World Wars website


Albert Pike received a vision, which he described in a letter that he wrote to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871. This letter graphically outlined plans for three world wars that were seen as necessary to bring about the One World Order, and we can marvel at how accurately it has predicted events that have already taken place.
Pike’s Letter to MazziniIt is a commonly believed fallacy that for a short time, the Pike letter to Mazzini was on display in the British Museum Library in London, and it was copied by William Guy Carr, former Intelligence Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy.  The British Library has confirmed in writing to me that such a document has never been in their possession.  Furthermore, in Carr’s book, Satan, Prince of this World, Carr includes the following footnote:

“The Keeper of Manuscripts recently informed the author that this letter is NOT catalogued in the British Museum Library.  It seems strange that a man of Cardinal Rodriguez’s knowledge should have said that it WAS in 1925″.

It appears that Carr learned about this letter from Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez of Santiago, Chile, who wrote The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled.
To date, no conclusive proof exists to show that this letter was ever written.  Nevertheless, the letter is widely quoted and the topic of much discussion.
Following are apparently extracts of the letter, showing how Three World Wars have been planned for many generations.

The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.” 2

Students of history will recognize that the political alliances of England on one side and Germany on the other, forged between 1871 and 1898 by Otto von Bismarck, co-conspirator of Albert Pike, were instrumental in bringing about the First World War.

The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.” 3

After this Second World War, Communism was made strong enough to begin taking over weaker governments. In 1945, at the Potsdam Conference between Truman, Churchill, and Stalin, a large portion of Europe was simply handed over to Russia, and on the other side of the world, the aftermath of the war with Japan helped to sweep the tide of Communism into China.

(Readers who argue that the terms Nazism and Zionism were not known in 1871 should remember that the Illuminati invented both these movements.  In addition, Communism as an ideology, and as a coined phrase, originates in France during the Revolution.  In 1785, Restif coined the phrase four years before revolution broke out.  Restif and Babeuf, in turn, were influenced by Rousseau – as was the most famous conspirator of them all, Adam Weishaupt.)

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.” 4

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, world events, and in particular in the Middle East, show a growing unrest and instability between Modern Zionism and the Arabic World. This is completely in line with the call for a Third World War to be fought between the two, and their allies on both sides. This Third World War is still to come, and recent events show us that it is not far off.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Source:


As a follow up to a previous post about child molesters in the Government and the blackmail potential

Here is a FOI (Freedom Of Information) request about alleged peadophiles past and present with connections to the Halls of power today.

A Freedom of Information request to Home Office by Derek Canning LLB [HONS] and Francis.P.


Tory Party General election candidate, Michael Powell – Convicted and jailed for 3 years for downloading hardcore child Continue reading →

What really happened in Ukraine. An Impressive Summary. Video and Transcript

Courtesy of socalbeach,

Via WikiSpooks,

This is an impressive, comprehensive analysis of the February 2014 Ukraine coup from the perspective of a senior Russian academic. It details the interests and affiliations of the main Ukrainian domestic players – oligarchical clans many of whose leaders have dual nationality – with some shocking and little known detail. It exposes the glaring hypocrisies and double standards of the western sponsors of the coup and their Russian/Ukrainian ‘5th Column traitors’. It sees the coup and Russia’s successful incorporation of Crimea as major game-changing events in the on-going, US-lead post-WWII machinations of the West to subdue Russia to its own agenda and outlines how Russia should now respond.

All-in-all a must-read for westerners needing to understand what is really happening in both the Ukraine and the wider Anglo-US-NATO globalisation drive which it brings into sharp focus:

Full Transcript below:


Firstly, let me say that sometimes it’s pleasant to be wrong. Well, I got it wrong. At the beginning of February my colleague, Elena Ponomarëva, and I discussed the question, could we take Crimea? I was a pessimist and said, 10% chance Continue reading →

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