Swiss Lady explains why she hates Greeks

In one of his books, K. Diakogiannis refers to the published words by a Swiss lady.   She provides her own answer as to why all behave with a “shabby” way towards the Greek people!  She explains why she and other Europeans hate the Greeks.
However, among other things, she confides that although there is a feeling of hatred from her side, at the same time she admires and respects the Greek spirit and the ancient Greeks.

“Animals do not ever forgive humans for improving their behavior, because they feel that this improvement removes them from nature. And whenever the opportunity arises their hatred explodes”{…}
{…} “This is exactly what is happening with us Europeans and Greeks!  If there is a race in the world that I unbearably hate, this breed is the Greeks!”  And she substantiates her view by saying that in her high school years she felt “mentally depressed” because “our learned teachers did not teach us anything that had not already been discovered, explained, documented, or been perfected by the Ancient Greeks!”  And even when her teachers were mentioning any other person devoted to Knowledge and Wisdom, who was not Greek, in the end it became evident that his wisdom was based upon the Wisdom of some Greek philosopher!  “I have gradually become aware that my knowledge, my thoughts, my feelings, my personality, my world, my existence down to the ultimate of my cells were all affected, were devoted into what we now call “the Philosophy of the Ancients Greeks” {…}
{…} “A fiery hatred for all that is Greek!”
“Later in the university, the situation became dramatic. Asclepius from the one side, Hippocrates on the other!  Galen one day, Oribasius the next! Aetius in a morning, Alexander Trallians in the afternoon! Paul of Aegina from here, Stephen the Athenian from there.  I could not open a book without finding in front of me the Greek presence. I was unable to open a dictionary to find a difficult, a rare, a useful, a smart, a beautiful, mellow word. They were all Greek!  And other countless ones as the sand of the seas and rivers, all were Greek in origin!  It is a unique phenomenon!  So we feel pretty much all of us against the Greeks. We hate them like animals hate their tamer. And once we get the opportunity we jump, we bite and devour them.  Because deep inside we know that once we were animals with the full sense of the word and it is they, the Greeks, the Greeks again, always the Greeks, who evicted us from our animalistic state and who have elevated us to their same human grade!
“We do not love something we admire. Take a look at history and you will see that all Europeans, led the Latins and the Vatican, we furiously tried to wipe out the Greeks from the face of the earth! You will not find and will not imagine a combination of crimes, toils and traps not imagined and done to realize their demise. The story of hatred against the Greeks has not unraveled yet. The modern civilized man is the same and worse. The Vatican will never allow the Greeks to survive at the gates of Europe, at the side of Asia and the doorsteps of Africa because they consider it as diminishing the respect and prestige they enjoy!
For, despite the fact that I hate them, as I do not come from their race, I can not help but admire them and respect them and will continue to study Plato, Socrates and Pericles as long as I live, teaching my children the power of their wisdom and its influence in our lives and our happiness! “

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