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Jon Wedger with Samantha Baldwin in London – 26-10-2019

Justice and God bless.
Jon Wedger with
Samantha Baldwin @exposingfamilycourt

The Deep State: Chapter 26 Raping Hollie Greig – Another Scottish VIP Pedo Cover-up at all Cost

Four years after the horror of the Dunblane Massacre, yet another child sexual abuse scandal erupted in Aberdeen,

Scotland, marked from the virtual get-go by overt suppression by the authorities that to this very day has yet to be acknowledged, much less fully investigated and prosecuted. Once again we have more unobstructed child fuckers aging out and escaping justice after a lifetime of above the law impunity. And this sordid, wretched cycle just keeps endlessly churning. When one VIP pedophile ring was exposed resulting in a notorious century long blackout to conceal the filth and absurdly shameless falsity of the official narrative, another one seems to quickly emerge demonstrating that pedophilia in Freemason country rules over Scotland forever. Enter the 21st century’s Holly Greig pedophilia scandal that, as unfinished business, two decades later refuses go away, not until the full truth comes out, much to the chagrin of the pedo-cabal that only thrives and survives on living the lie.

Both worldwide mainstream media as well as Scottish media has avoided this story like the plague, ordered from the Scottish gatekeeping law firm on high – Levy & McRae – to turn a blind eye and ignore the plight of abuse victim Hollie Greig, a woman with Down Syndrome now approaching 40 years of age this November. But from 1986 to 2000 Hollie was reportedly serially abused sexually from age 6 to 20 by a pedophile ring that included a judge, police, solicitor, accountant, headmaster, nurses and social workers, all subsequently spared from ever being investigated or questioned by police. For two decades now Hollie and her mother Anne Greig have struggled since 2000 attempting to seek justice against up to 22 publicly named perpetrators that include a still standing high court judge (referred to in Scotland as a sheriff).

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In His Own Words. Nobel Prize Nominee Mr. George Robert Green RIP

Justice for Hollie Greig

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