Green policies kill people

It seems the list of green policies endangering human life continue to grow;

Global warming and permanent drought policy has meant the lessons of the past regards floods are ignored. The Land reports that PERSUADING governments to plan for big floods and stormwater crises has become increasingly difficult during the drought-stricken past decade, water management experts say“. Well to be more correct getting governments to prepare for anything but global warming has been near impossible. Previous emails to the CSIRO have shown how blinded they are by the global warming ideology anything but drought and warming is ignored. In fact the CSIRO are a major part of the problem, like Flannery predicting permanent droughts and less rain – guess their advice to the government is, as it has been previously pointed out on numerous occasions – appallingly flawed. As the Government bowed down to Flannery and the CSIRO, Brown, Rudd and Garrett all campaigned against the Traveston Dam – result Gympie obliterated. From the UK Richard North calls the Brisbane floods Another green catastrophe – and so he should. Richard goes on to say “the real story is bizarre, another classic example of the greenies forcing major distortions in policy which cost money we haven’t got and eventually kill people“.  James Delingpole cynically says – “Queensland floods! But at least the endangered Mary River cod is OK“. That typically sums up green policy – people come second! – that’s why in green policy will always put people’s well being and lives at risk. Hey don’t worry there will be a royal commission into this appalling, avoidable tragedy but the Government are already preparing for it – lying that even if they had prepared for this it was still too big. The truth and reality is if sensible’ known flood mitigation strategies had been undertaken when they should have been then this catastrophe would have at least been minimised and flood levels would have been reduced.

Bushfire policy. The Victorian bush fires were a case in point – with Green’s policy both the trees and people suffered. The refusal to allow back burning meant the intensity of the fire became unstoppable. The same excuse was used  that they will use on the Queensland floods – even if we prepared it was too big. Reality check was yet again the level of the disaster could have been significantly reduced if known sensible strategies were implemented. But that was anti green and we had the woeful Nixon parading around like a queen more interested in her diary, dinner dates and hairstyle than the lives of Victorians. To the extreme you even get the green madness that when fires are started by lighting – it’s a natural event so you cant stop it. Oh don’t forget the bush fires and the floods and everything else are caused by … you know … global warming! (even the cold!)

Green’s demonise electricity policy. Seen what is happening with fuel poverty globally? It is skyrocketing. Hundreds of millions around the world can no longer afford to keep warm. At the same time the natural cycles of the earth have shifted into the known, researched and experienced cold and wet cycle. Result – cold related deaths are also skyrocketing. Green’s biofuels policy has pushed hundreds of millions into poverty as farmland is replaced by biofuel production forcing up the cost of food. DDT ban policy caused around 300 million unnecessary and preventable deaths from malaria. Illegal immigration. We repeatedly see the disaster of left/green policies where people are enticed to cross oceans in unseaworthiness vessels to come to Australia and then get preferential treatment ahead of legal immigrants and ordinary Australians. 200 lives lost in the last couple of years.

And this is just the beginning. Get ready for the list of green catastrophes to grow. The abandonment of the acknowledge of the cyclical nature of our climate in favor of the global warming ideology will only continue to mean we, the people will increasingly be put at risk – especially as governments prepare for warming whilst the sun slumbers and the world is cooling and getting wetter. They know this, they’ve been written to about it before and responded! Oh and if you want to speak out about the green lies expect to be branded all many of things – such is the green intolerance for free speech and such is the level of corruption our green governments have sunk to.

BTW don’t expect the mainstream media to be concerned about all this … they are still smiling from the bribes Rudd paid them.

Green’s putting humanity on the altar

Climate depot ; The RIOTACT ; The global warming scam – animation

Citizens starting to wake up and speak out

Source: TWAWKI, January 12, 2011

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