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Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one of the world’s wealthiest men is actively promoting a corporate takeover of global agriculture

By: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) After it was exposed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the philanthropic brainchild of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, purchased 500,000 shares in Monsanto back in 2010 valued at more than $23 million, it became abundantly clear that this so-called benevolent charity is up to something other than eradicating disease and feeding the world’s poor ( It turns out that the Gates family legacy has long been one of trying to dominate and control the world’s systems, including in the areas of technology, medicine, and now agriculture.

The Gates Foundation, aka the tax-exempt Gates Family Trust, is currently in the process of spending billions of dollars in the name of humanitarianism to establish a global food

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Torture: The Bioethics (aka Eugenics) Perspective

Steven H. Miles


  • Torture is universally illegal yet widely practiced. More than half of the world’s nations systematically use torture, and medical personnel have a long history of involvement.
  • Bioethical concerns with torture must take account of its empirical and social dimensions, as well as its corporal nature.
  • The horrors of World War II brought illicit torture to public consciousness and censure, yet torture persists despite numerous sanctions against it.
  • Empirical evidence—including research by the CIA and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s working group on counterresistance interrogations—demonstrates the inefficacy of torture.
  • Despite the evidence, “antiabolitionist” bioethicists remain who rely on the discredited “ticking time bomb” argument to support their position.
  • Given its inefficacy, the moral challenges to torture are overwhelming. It not only leads to the abuse of innocent or ignorant persons, but also undermines civil society.

Framing the Issue

Torture occupies the odd position of being universally illegal and widely practiced. Despite many studies showing its inefficacy, more than half of the world’s nations systematically use torture, and medical personnel have a long history of involvement with torture. Derived from

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How Violence Protects the State

‘Violence is the modus operandi of the State. To build a free society, we will have to use different means.’

On April 4, 1967, exactly one year before Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered, he spoke passionately in a sermonat Riverside Church in New York about the war in Vietnam. In this gripping speech about the hypocrisy of bringing democracy through napalm and the audacity

BBC Behavior Placement. Brain Washing Children and Parents for Big Pharma & Cancer Spreading

See what the BBC’s showing in support of the big pharma and their cancer spreading full of viruses vaccines.


“News Fixing Scandal” The BBC (again?) Has Been Forced to Apologize to 74 mil People

BBC apologize for secretly funded pieces

Press TV

The BBC has been forced to broadcast an apology to about 74 million people all over the world for “a news fixing scandal,” The Independent revealed.

The BBC broadcast some documentaries made by FBC Media, a London TV company, which earned millions of pounds from PR clients featured in the programs.
The paper disclosed last year that the BBC paid small fees of as low as £1 for the programs of FBC media, whose list of PR client enclosed several foreign governments and multinational firms. In one case, the company received £17 million from Malaysian government to make programs that contained the positive coverage of Malaysia’s highly controversial palm oil industry.
The BBC also broadcast another FBC documentary entitled as “Third Eye: Egypt” about the revolutionary uprising in Egypt, warning that the country might be ruled by extremists.
The BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee conducted a probe into BBC World News, revealing it had committed 15 breaches of editorial guidelines. Eight of the breaches were related to the FBC pieces made for the government of Malaysia. The trust stressed that the breaches were “serious” and “went to the heart of the BBC’s international reputation and risked undermining the editorial integrity of its output.”
The apology, broadcast four times by BBC World News, directly referred to the FBC programs, saying, “In the case of eight other programs, all of which featured Malaysia, we found that the production company which made the programs appeared to have a financial relationship with the Malaysian government. This meant there was a potential conflict of interest, though the BBC was not aware of it when the programs were broadcast.”
“Editorial integrity is the highest priority for BBC World News, which is why we apologize for these breaches of our normal standards,” the apology concluded.
Analysts criticized the British media for imposing a blackout over the BBC’s apology, believing the story of the BBC’s secretly funded documentaries would raise the question of the integrity of programs broadcasted by the UK media and would be regarded as another stain on the reputation of the British media business.

Source: Press Tv

Aldous Huxley UC Berkeley Speech 1962 – Transcript & Audio – If you don’t know what “they” think of us … + Full Length Q&A Session

Aldous Huxley, author of ‘Brave New World’, gives his speech “The Ultimate Revolution” at Cal Berkeley, 1962.


{garbled}Aldous Huxley, a renowned Essayist and Novelist who during the spring semester is residing at the university in his capacity of a Ford research professor. Mr Huxley has recently returned from a conference at the Institute for the study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara where the discussion focused on the development of new techniques by which to control and direct human behavior. Traditionally it has been possible to suppress individual

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Financial Coup d’Etat

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In the fall of 2001 I attended a private investment conference in London to give a paper, The Myth of the Rule of Law or How the Money Works: The Destruction of Hamilton Securities Group.

The presentation documented my experience with a Washington-Wall Street partnership that had:

  • Engineered a fraudulent housing and debt bubble;
  • Illegally shifted vast amounts of capital out of the U.S.;
  • Used “privitization” as a form of piracy – a pretext to move government assets to private investors at below-market prices and then shift private liabilities back to government at no cost to the private liability holder.

Other presenters at the conference included distinguished reporters covering privatization in Eastern Europe and Russia. As the portraits of British ancestors stared down upon us, we listened to story after story of global privatization throughout the 1990s in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Slowly, as the pieces fit together, we shared a horrifying epiphany: the banks, corporations and investors acting in each global region were the exact same players. They were a relatively

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Communities which have Rejected Fluoridation Since 1990

View Since 1990, These US Communities have Rejected Fluoridation in a larger map

Compiled by Fluoride Action Network

“[I]n recent years, when towns and cities across the country have held voter referenda on fluoridation, its use has been rejected about half the time.” Chemical & Engineering News, September 4, 2006

“While city councils and water boards tend to fluoridate when they have the power,

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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and Free Speech: Scientists Under Attack (VIDEO)


In the early 90s the Agro-Chemicals-Multi Monsanto introduced genetically modified plants onto the market, which is the equivalent of an agricultural revolution for some that will solve all the world’s food problems. Others view these plants as an irrevocable destruction of bio-diversity on this planet that needs to be fiercely combated.

TRAILER, Full video below

Árpád Pusztai and Ignacio Chapela have two things in common. They are distinguished scientists and their careers are in ruins. Both scientists choose to look at the phenomenon of genetic engineering. Both made important discoveries. Both of them are suffering the fate of those who criticise the powerful vested interests that now dominate big business and scientific research.

Statements made by scientists themselves prove that 95% of the research in the area of genetic engineering is paid by the industry. Only 5% of the research is independent. The big danger for freedom of science and our democracy is evident. Can the public – we all – still trust our scientists?

A film by Bertram Verhaag

Also read


David Vs Monsanto

Monsanto Employees Don’t Eat GMOs, Eat it Up Monsanto!

Source: GRTV

Robert Green Imprisoned For 1 Year

Robert Green received nine months for the alleged breach of the peace, and three months for breaking bail conditions.

Elish Angiolini & Edward Bowen
Elish Angiolini & Edward Bowen

The UK Column is appalled by the decision of Sheriff Principle Edward Bowen to jail Robert Green today in what can only be described as a huge miscarriage of justice.

Robert has been the leading campaigner in support of justice for Hollie Greig. The legal proceedings against him came as the result of his arrest for attempting to distribute leaflets while standing as a Parliamentary candidate in Aberdeen at the last General Election. Robert had been standing on the single issue of the alleged, uninvestigated, abuse of Hollie Greig while she was a child.

Since his arrest, Robert has been subject to numerous breaches of his human rights, and repeated irregularities in the legal process, culminating in a trial presided over by a Sheriff with what seems to be a clear conflict if interest – the apparent friendship between Sheriff Bowen and Elish Angiolini. A complaint has already been lodged with the Judicial Office.

Robert has clearly been imprisoned to send a message to everyone campaigning for Hollie.

While we would like to express our concerns for Robert’s safety in a Scottish prison, we would also like to echo the sentiments of the Hollie Demands Justice campaign – this campaign will not be silenced through this type of blatant intimidation.


We The People Demand Justice !! FREE ROBERT GREEN !! Hollie Greig Demands Justice

Breaking news … Robert Green, one of the most decent people you could ever wish to meet, has been jailed for 12 months as a consequence of his campaign to secure justice for Hollie Greig and a proper investigation (the first) into her claims to have been sexually and violently abused by members of the Scottish establishment.

He has been jailed for a breach of the peace – handing out leaflets. Robert was not convicted by a jury, but by a single judge called Bowen who also delivered the sentence.

We must not let this drop and allow Robert to be forgotten. A terrible injustice has been done here. Robert has apparently asked that people contact this Member of Parliament at


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Robert Green’s last blog before sentence …

Compare Robert’s sentence in Scotland with this one of a man convicted of owning 50,000 images of child pornography

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Worried about SOPA ACTA PIPA? That’s nothing, The BIG ONE is IP Rights Imposed On Your Food … GMO Foods and Intellectual Property: The Ultimate Food Fight

The oft-neglected legal minefield of intellectual property rights has seen a surge in public interest in recent months due to the storm of protest over proposed legislation and treaties related to online censorship. One of the effects of such legislation as SOPA and PIPA and such international treaties as ACTA is to have drawn attention to the grave implications that intellectual property arguments can have on the everyday lives of the average citizen.

As important as the protection of online freedoms is, however, an even more fundamental part of our lives has come under the purview of the multinational corporations that are seeking to

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