100’s of very important books and documents free for all to download and share.



Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope and The Angloamerican Establishment Free in PDF to read and share.

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9/11 : The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth In 5 Minutes.


VFP-EXPELLED USAF-Owning-the-Weather-in-2025


USAF chemtrails_chemistry_manual_1990-1991

UN-Document-Claims-HAARP-Nuclear-Detonation UF-IFAS-Water-Analysis-Sample-Form

Tea-Party-questionnaire Stop-the-Biomass-generated-highest-electric-bills-in-History St-francis-meet SandyHookMurderscraftedgut2ndAmendment Rosalind-Peterson-UN-Speech

Restino-Update-B restino-update RAY-Washington-Release-Secret-GRU-Documents PROJECT-MIRAGE-Plasma-Gas Project_Cloverleaf

POPSCI-HAARP-Knocking-on-heavens-door Occupy-GNV-GRU-Flyer Obamas-911-Climate-War

NWO-Weapons-Chemtrails-HAARP-Can-Trigger-Climate-Change No-cost-too-high-for-Stearns NASA-NACA-Trimethyaluminum-study

NASA-CO2-NO-AGW MAYORS-WEBSITE-invoice-GM0_5-30-2011 MAYORS_WEBSITE-Garner-Proposal MAYORS_WEBSITE-Garner-Email_7-12-2011 Mayoral-Aide-job-offfer Koppers-A-Haunting-Past

John-Oliver-Website IFAS-Rainwater-AlachuaSetE2324addl IFAS-Rainwater-AlachuaSetE2324

IFAS-Lake-Meta-AlachuaSetE2244addl IFAS-Lake-Meta-AlachuaSetE2244

HRCNCF-Q-A HAARP-Knocking-on-heavens-door

HAARP-ALL-POPSCI-14- GRUSpreadsheets


GRU-MEMORANDUM-OPT-OUT-CLAUSE GRU-Konish-Handout-No-Consumption-14

GRU-GREC-FLYER-Brinkman-Suppliers-of-Services Geoengineering-case-Study






Doonsbury-Gun-Nuts-Open-Carry DOE-2011-energy-outlook-Ngas




Chemtrail-Symposium-Belfort-Group-300Page-Report Chemtrail-Symposium-Belfort-Group-70Page-Report-Searchable Chemtrail-Symposium-Belfort-Group-70Page-Report ChemtrailsHAARPWorldreTimeLinesAscension Chemtrails_Chemistry_Manual_USAF_Academy_1990-OPT Chemtrail-HAARP-timeline-and-Connections




Biomass-TRONA-MSDS biomassters_ETC-GROUP






Biomass Gainesville letter of the law Atmospheri-Aerosol-Properties-Climate-Impacts-2009 American-flag-folding-ceremony-violates-establishment-clause All_You_Need_to_Know_about_911_to_Prove_it_was_an_Inside_Job_Why_You_Should_Care_and_What_You_Can_Do AAAS-CO2_NASA AAAS-Aerosols-not-CO2-Cause-Global-Warming 2008.09.28-Levine-PPA-memo-1 1965_David-Lawrence-on-Constitutional-dictatorship 911_Heimbach_letter-FBI

Special Operations and Joint Forces in
Support of Countering Terrorism

Gulf of Tonkin Incident

NIST 9/11 Analysis

Total Information Awareness

Security and Prosperity Partnership (North American Union)

MacCormack-Dickstein Committee (Attempted 1934 Nazi Coup of US)

Military Comissions Act of 2006

Protect America Act (Warrantless Wiretapping Authorization)

Presidential Decision Directive 51 (Martial Law)

Operation TPAJAX (Overthrow of Mossadeq)

CIA’s “Family Jewels”

CENTCOM’s “Rapid Response Media Team”

Pastoral Crisis Intervention


Project Minaret/Shamrock (Domestic Surveillance)


NSA Wiretapping

Alberto Gonzales Torture Memo

Army – Civilian Inmate Labor Program

3 responses

  1. All the links from ‘Protecting the homeland’ to ‘911 commission report’ seem to be broken in some way (try re-posting them as .pdf/etc… links, like with the rest of the links on your page).
    The NIST links no longer seem to link to pdf documents, but instead to the NIST website which doesn’t really have anything.
    The NSA and FAS links of the ECHELON section are no longer working.


  2. You understand that Austin Texas and Las Vegas, have been where all the people INVOLVED in all these nefarious activities made a hub or hq? Im sure your not even aware of half of what has been going there. You can only be told shut your mouth a couple times, before your child becomes their hostage. And i mean that. With everything that continues, including the Raytheon contractor in Vegas with his really gross BLUE DRAGON website that gives you new wife options, age is not factor per the Texas FBI, cuz “its too easy to get a fake passport and i must be a jealous ex wife”. Woh. And lest not forget the tax free incentives given by the State to bring in Helmut Langs race car driving, instead of Villa Lobos a state of the art community that would’ve moved money into Manor Texas, where the old airport shut down, leaving all the buisnesses that flourished off it, to sink, because the State made it next to impossible by CHARGING 30 percent taxes on the developers.
    Villa Logos, would have helped the gaming, movie, music, industry expand in the most financially lucrative way. Instead, Texas, especially AUSTIN, expanded in privatised intel agencies. Black ops, technological advances, programs USED by lawfirms. Go ol Bill Gates moved in SAGE without eco development even knowing. When i was married, my now deceased ex, had friends come over with investment offers from Alibris. That would be Jeff Bezos. He was in the beginning of Amazon. I would hear my ex brag about US STEEL, and how Rusty made billions off selling this the Chinese. And how many Tiffany Lamps he bought off ny off my ex. Along with the child pornographer, Larry Flynt. You dont pay attention to these things until you want a divorce. Divorcing a person like this puts on you on target list. Your child, the target.
    PTSD doesn’t mean your crazy, it means your exhausted from JTRIG, which initiated out of the AUSTIN Army Intel Compund housed with MI5 and GCHQ.
    MY old neighbor Micheal Dell is INVOLVED with this globalist agenda, including Larry Ellison, Elon Musk, all your high tech. Including, the a click of family lawyers and judges who ignore complete rule of law, and continue to take handicap children, from families,paying off their CPS liaison for false complaints. 90 percent of these kids, are part of the Joseph Mengele experiments used at one or more of those Islands Epsteins network sits.

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