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Johann Hari: Protest works. Just look at the proof

The Independent, October 29 2010

Yes, you can choose to do nothing. But you will be choosing to let yourself and your family and your country be ripped off.

There is a ripple of rage spreading across Britain. It is clearer every day that the people of this country have been colossally scammed. The bankers who crashed the economy are richer and fatter than ever, on our cash. The Prime Minister who promised us before the election “we’re not talking about swingeing cuts” just imposed the worst cuts since the 1920s, condemning another million people to the dole queue. Yet the rage is matched by a flailing sense of impotence. We are furious, but we feel there is nothing we can do. There’s a mood that we have been stitched up by forces more powerful and devious than us, and all we can do is sit back and be shafted.

This mood is wrong. It doesn’t have to be this way – if enough of us act to stop it. To explain how, I want to start with a small scandal, a small response – and a big lesson from history. Continue reading →

Unplug the Signal – Turn off Your TV

The Truth Won’t Be Televised

The thruth won’t be televised

PUPAGANDA August 25, 2010…

As part of his “Unplug the Signal” campaign, Nathan Janes has released a new audio piece produced by Michael Wolsey. Activist Artist Janes is calling for an awakening to the gross manipulation of reality that is broadcast by the six major corporations controlling the content of television. The constant carefully planned message guides the masses to their conclusions. Janes asks everyone to turn off their televisions, seek alternative news sources, allow new information to challenge your thoughts and opinions and become engaged in constructing a new reality while building relationships within your community.

Michael Wolsey:

Poster Campaign:!/ev…

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Eternal Vigilance: The Cost of Freedom

The establishment is controlling tomorrow by schooling the youth of today

PUPAGANDA August 31, 2010…

“Eternal Vigilance” is the title of artist activist Nathan Janes’ latest work symbolizing the overthrowing of the Establishment by the people. In an article written to accompany the painting, Janes explores how Americans have adapted to incremental changes over the last several years amounting to huge threats towards civil liberties, quality of life, and independent thought. Janes has completed his latest works in an effort to inform the public and inspire action before the last vestiges of American freedom are stolen away. The artist argues that the price we must pay for freedom is eternal vigilance against the constant and ever increasing threats to our freedom and health by the Establishment.

Janes’ painting, “Eternal Vigilance,” can be found on the cover of Photon Man’s recently released album of the same title. A poster of the image and a number of other activism tools are available through the artist’s website.

Article read by Photonman

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The Fateful Hoaxing of Margaret Mead: A Historical Analysis of Her Samoan Research

by Derek Freeman
Summary-review by Dr Peter S. Cook

In 1928, in her best-selling, “classic scientific study” Coming of Age in Samoa, Margaret Mead reported that adolescents there experienced complete sexual freedom, without the phenomena associated with adolescence elsewhere. She declared that this exception, which she had hoped to find, established that human nature and behaviour is shaped entirely by culture, not biological inheritance. She and her colleagues then worked to establish this “cultural determinism” as the prevailing ideology in the social sciences.

In 1983, Derek Freeman showed that her account was seriously in error in many respects. He now documents how this happened. Having neglected her assigned study, Mead belatedly interrogated her two female companions about their sexual customs, and she was “comprehensively hoaxed”. Freeman says she then “unwittingly misinformed the entire anthropological establishment, as well as the intelligentsia at large”, so that for decades professors throughout the Western world, quoting Mead to support cultural determinism, misinformed their social science students about “an issue of fundamental human importance” – the nature of human nature.

When Freeman presented his case, rather than being lauded by the anthropological community, he was pilloried for criticising an icon. Now he presents decisive evidence including, finally, an account published in 1931 by Mead herself.

As one of the most eminent and influential social scientists, Mead’s flawed evidence was relevant to intellectual culture and the social sciences for much of this century. Areas adversely influenced by Mead’s misinformation included anthropology, psychology, Marxist ideology, post-modernist relativism, the sexual revolution, gender studies, feminism, childrearing, and childcare policies. Freeman’s book is a starting point for unravelling and rethinking the ramifications of Mead’s far-reaching but misinformed influence.

This epic drama by Derek Freeman, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at the Australian National University, will surely become a scientific classic. Many facets contribute to its appeal and significance, and reviewers have used a range of superlatives. Peter Munz, Emeritus Professor of history, at Victoria University, Wellington, says: “This is a remarkably readable and exemplary work of historical detection which proves that one of the 20th century’s most cherished pieces of anthropological knowledge is nothing more than a myth.” Richard Dawkins, of Oxford University, says: “It is the extraordinary influence that Mead’s Samoan thesis exerted over intellectual culture for much of this century that gives Derek Freeman’s detective story its unique fascination”.

Why was Margaret Mead so significant? Continue reading →

Max Igan @ The Crow House

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No terror arrests made despite 100,000 searches

No suspect stopped and searched under counter-terrorism powers in Britain last year was subsequently arrested for a terrorism offence, government figures showed.

Home Office figures revealed that out of just over 100,000 searches made in 2009-2010 under section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 only 500 led to an actual arrest and none of those related to terrorist activity.

The special powers have allowed police to stop anyone in a specified area without the need for reasonable suspicion.

The searches rose dramatically after the failed Haymarket car bomb attack in central London in 2007.

But the new figures showed the use of stop and search under the act fell sharply, by 60 percent, across the country last year compared with searches in 2008-2009.

The drop followed criticism by MPs and rights’ groups of police for abusing the controversial search powers after the number of people stopped were found to have trebled.

Lord Carlile, in a review last year of anti-terror laws, said the powers should be used far less and their overuse had damaged community relations.

Of all those stopped, four out of five were made in the London area by the Metropolitan Police, with almost a fifth being made by British Transport Police.

Of those, 59 percent described themselves as white, 17 percent as Asian or Asian British, 10 percent as black or black British and 2 percent as of mixed ethnicity.

Yahoo News

Be Scared – Ink Toner Can Kill 1000’s

Live in fear there’s no way you can live free.
Fox News Documents show that: Al Qaeda Leader Dined at the Pentagon Just Months After 9/11


Bomb experts swept cargo planes in the United States for suspicious items on Friday after reports of a suspected bomb on a plane in Britain set off a security scare about packages from Yemen.

Aviation officials said planes at Philadelphia International Airport and Newark Liberty Airport were towed away to be checked after police found a suspicious package on a US cargo plane at a regional British airport.

“The TSA is aware of and monitoring reports of potentially suspicious items onboard cargo flights that landed safely at Newark Liberty and Philadelphia International airports,” the Transportation Security Administration said.

“Out of an abundance of caution the planes were moved to a remote location where they are being met by law enforcement officials and swept,” the statement added. Continue reading →

Big Brother Watch Newsletter 29th October 2010

This week saw the first ever parliamentary debate take place dedicated to issues of internet privacy, sponsored by Big Brother Watch supporter Robert Halfon MP.

Opening the debate in Westminster Hall, Robert Halfon MP said:
“In recent years, we have become increasingly focused on freedom. With every terrorist atrocity, our civil liberties have been curtailed, often in a somewhat draconian manner. I therefore welcome the coalition Government’s determination to redress the balance by reviewing the anti-terrorism legislation, scrapping identity cards, abolishing the national identity register and the contact point database, and halting the next generation of biometric passports. However, I do not wish to talk about state surveillance this afternoon.
“The issue of civil liberties and internet privacy first came to a head not long after I was elected to this House in May 2010. The newspapers revealed that Google had been mapping people’s personal wi-fi data without their permission… Many privacy campaign groups, such as Big Brother Watch, have raised awareness of the issue in the media”

In light of the condemnation of Google voice throughout the debate from across the political divide, the company must now must now sit up and take notice of the concerns of many MPs who voiced their concerns at the company’s reckless approach to personal privacy.

During the debate, Culture Minister Ed Vaizey promised to give Google a verbal ticking-off when they next meet – but a simple slap on the wrist doesn’t go far enough.
It is now time for the Information Commissioner to step up and punish Google for their wrongdoing.
A full copy of the transcript of the debate – including, amongst others, contributions from former Shadow Home Secretary Rt Hon David Davis MP, Labour’s Ian Lucas MP, LibDem Don Foster MP and Nigel Dodds of the DUP – can be found here. A video of the debate can be found here.
‘Fight Terror, Defend Freedom’ by Dominic Raab MP
If you would like to read Dominic Raab’s excellent pamphlet ‘Fight Terror, Defend Freedom’ then please click here.
The Intercept Modernisation Programme
The proposed Intercept Modernisation Programme – a mass database of all text messages, emails and phone calls made in the United Kingdom – has been resurrected. Big Brother Watch is considering its next move on this issue but will not take this lying down – and neither should you. Please click here for more information and get in touch with us if you have any thoughts on the road ahead.

Google Finally Admits That Its Street View Cars DID Take Emails and Passwords From Computers

By: Vanessa Allen, 28th October 2010Google was accused of spying on households yesterday after it admitted secretly copying passwords and private emails from home computers.

The internet search giant was forced to confess it had downloaded personal data during its controversial Street View project, when it photographed virtually every street in Britain.

In an astonishing invasion of privacy, it admitted entire emails, web pages and even passwords were ‘mistakenly collected’ by antennae on its high-tech Street View cars. Continue reading →

Pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow into detectable tumors – here’s how to halt it today

( New research published in the journal Nature reveals that pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow to the point where it is diagnosed by conventional medical doctors. This was determined by sequencing the DNA of cancer tumor cells from deceased patients. Because cancer mutations occur in growing tumors at a known rate, scientists were able to map the timing of the development of full-blown pancreatic cancer tumors.

Here’s what the scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute found (and here’s why this matters in a huge way to people interested in healthy living):

• It takes 11.7 years for one mutation in a pancreas cell to grow into a “mature” pancreatic tumor (which might show up on a medical scan).

• It takes another 6.8 years for the pancreatic tumor to spread and cause tumors to appear in other organs of the body.

In all, it takes about 20 years for a person to grow a cancer tumor and see it spread to the point where their doctor will diagnose them with pancreatic cancer. Continue reading →

Brand a Disease, Honeybees Dying, World’s Deadliest Drug “Mistakes” Big Pharma Hopes You Never Read

INSIDE: Scary facts about the type of criminal activity, fraud, kickbacks, price-setting, bribery and illegal sales activities of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies. And how their ‘mistakes’ are endangering the lives of regular people like you and me…

The World’s Deadliest Drug “Mistakes” Big Pharma Hopes You Never Read


Are you falling for this masterful marketing scheme designed to make you think you’re sick, when you’re really not?
The ICU staff told the man’s family there was no hope and to unplug life support. They refused – but had to get a court order to get him treated with high doses of this potent nutrient… The dramatic story of his recovery is a beacon of hope to many who suffer serious or ‘incurable’ diseases…

How to Brand a Disease – and Sell a Cure


A new study claims to know why honeybees are dying in record numbers, but a serious twist is calling the findings into question.

Is the Reason for Bees Dying in Colony Collapse Disorder Finally Solved?

Paul Craig Roberts: American Job Loss Is Permanent

For OpEdNews: Paul Craig Roberts

Now that a few Democrats and the remnants of the AFL-CIO are waking up to the destructive impact of jobs offshoring on the US economy and millions of American lives, globalism’s advocates have resurrected Dartmouth economist Matthew Slaughter’s discredited finding of several years ago that jobs offshoring by US corporations increases employment and wages in the US.

At the time I exposed Slaughter’s mistakes, but economists dependent on corporate largess understood that it was more profitable to drink Slaughter’s Kool-aid than to tell the truth. Recently the US Chamber of Commerce rolled out Slaughter’s false argument as a weapon against House Democrats Sandy Levin and Tim Ryan, and the Wall Street Journal had Bill Clinton’s Defense Secretary, William S. Cohen, regurgitate Slaughter’s claim on its op-ed page on October 12.

I sent a letter to the Wall Street Journal, but the editors were not interested in what a former associate editor and columnist for the paper and President Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy had to say. The facade of lies has to be maintained at all costs. There can be no questioning that globalism is good for us.

Cohen told the Journal’s readers that “the fact is that for every job outsourced to Bangalore, nearly two jobs are created in Buffalo and other American cities.” I bet Buffalo “and other American cities” would like to know where these jobs are. Maybe Slaughter, Cohen, and the Chamber of Commerce can tell them. Continue reading →

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