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How a Texas plumber’s Toyota truck wound up in ISIS’ hands

By Jared Morgan December 15, 2015

When Mark Oberholtzer traded in his truck, he was told the decals would be removed. That didn’t happen — and now it’s being used by ISIS.

Texas plumber Mark Oberholtzer has had to contend with tough clogs in his business, but probably none so formidable as to require use of a Soviet-made anti-aircraft gun.

After a jihadi in Syria tweeted a photo of a 23 mm twin-barreled autocannon mounted on a truck Oberholtzer used to own, it was his muddied reputation that needed repair.

“When that photo got tweeted and then circulated across the world, you knew pretty well that if you needed to get some plumbing done with an anti-aircraft gun in the back of … the truck, maybe you ought to call ‘Mark-1 Plumbing,’ which is not what he intended,” said Robert Wilonsky, digital managing editor for the Dallas Morning News

It would seem Oberholtzer’s truck made the same journey many potential jihadis from the US make to get to Syria — largely through Turkey.

Oberholtzer is suing a Houston car dealership where he traded in the truck in October 2013. He’s seeking more than $1 million in damages after the 2005 Ford F-250, which sold at auction the following month, was shipped to Turkey with decals still affixed. The truck eventually ended up in Syria, where it was outfitted with an anti-aircraft gun and used in the country’s civil war.

The truck, emblazoned with the name and phone number of Oberholtzer’s business, was featured in a tweet Dec. 15, 2014. It was first tweeted by the extremist group Ansar al-Deen. The next day, the photo was used in the closing segment of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” It also happened to be the show’s final episode, pulling in almost 2.5 million viewers, the largest audience in the show’s history.

What followed were more than 1,000 calls from across the country to Oberholtzer’s business and personal phones, Wilonsky said. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Oberholtzer said his office got 10 to 15 death threats. 

The harassment became so unnerving that the plumber took his family to McAllen, Texas, for a week.

“It’s affected me, it’s affected my wife, it’s affected my son — half owner of the company — his kids,” the newspaper quoted Oberholtzer as saying.

According to the complaint, filed Dec. 9 and obtained by The Dallas Morning News, Oberholtzer tried removing a decal with the name of his business and phone number from the truck when an employee of AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway stopped him, fearing paint damage. According to Oberholtzer, the dealership told him it would remove the decal.

“Ever since the 1970s, terror groups and insurgent groups around the Middle East and northern Africa have used what’s called ‘technicals,’ which are basically light pickup trucks, with four-wheel drive and a machine gun mounted on the back, which has turned out to be a game-changer for the kind of warfare that they participate in,” Bloomberg View contributor Edward Niedermeyer said.   

One brand name of pickup in particular was co-opted during the end of the 1987 Chadian–Libyan conflict, dubbed the Toyota War because the truck was so widely used in skirmishes.   

The federal government has been studying the use of pickup trucks by terrorist groups — agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security even paid Oberholtzer a visit to see if he had anything to do with his former truck’s export to Syria.

“This does indicate that maybe down the road pickup trucks might be more closely tracked by officials as they are sort of a dual-use weapon of warfare,” Niedermeyer said. “Ironically, however, it seems at least a few of ISIS’s Toyota HiLux pickups actually came from the United States and Canada. The governments here sent them as non-lethal aid to Syrian rebels and they from there ended up in the hands of ISIS.”


Manufacturing Discontent. The 15-Minute City Conspiracy

Otto English 22 February 2023

Photo: Ivan Marc Sanchez/Alamy

Otto English takes a deep dive into the chilling world of a big new theory that has caught the eye of libertarian influencers, extremists and members of the public alike

Unless you live in the Don Valley in South Yorkshire, there is every chance you may not have heard of Nick Fletcher.

He was part of the new intake of MPs who swept to power with Boris Johnson at their helm in December 2019, seizing seats in the so-called ‘Red Wall’. Don Valley had been Labour since 1922 and Fletcher took it off Caroline Flint.

Fletcher kept his head down at Westminster for the next two years but made a leap out of obscurity in a speech on International Men’s Day in 2021, when he suggested that young men were committing crimes, in part, because women had taken traditionally male roles in the new Ghostbusters film, Dr Who and the Star Wars franchise. In essence, boys no longer had any men to look up to so, instead of playing with light sabres and making Tardis noises, they were becoming gangsters. Fletcher later sought to clarify his words and insisted that his “nuanced” point had been misunderstood, before retiring to backbench anonymity.

But earlier this month, he evinced a fabulous comeback with a question to the Leader of the House, Penny Mordaunt, on a matter of pressing concern:

“Will the Leader set aside some time in this house for a debate on the international socialist concept of so-called 15-minute cities… ultra-low emissions zones in their present form do untold economic damage… however, the second step… will take away personal freedoms as well.” 

Scary stuff indeed, and Fletcher added a dark warning: “Sheffield is already on this journey, and I do not want Doncaster, which is also a Labour-run socialist council, to do the same… 15-minute cities will cost us our personal freedom.”

His question led to ripples of laughter on the green benches in the House of Commons, and much mirth online. But, having dug into the issue he was highlighting, I have to say his words are not very funny at all. In fact, it’s all a bit chilling. 

An Old Idea

So, what is a 15-minute city? The term was coined by Professor Carlos Moreno, the Columbian born advisor to Anne Hidalgo, the Socialist Mayor of Paris since 2014, who has tried to implement some of his ideas.

Prof Moreno set those out in a seven-minute TED talk in 2020 and, in essence, it goes like this. Many big cities don’t work. They are poorly designed, transport is a nightmare, the streets are often gridlocked, and everything is orientated towards the car – rather than the people who urban environments are supposed to benefit.

The academic advocates relooking at urban environments and reassessing how we can use them in a greener, more dynamic way. That boils down to providing everything that anyone might need ‘within 15 minutes’ of the city dweller: shops, healthcare, green spaces, education, housing and entertainment all should be easily accessible on foot or by bicycle or as Prof Moreno puts it:

“The 15-minute city should have three key features. First, the rhythm of the city should follow humans, not cars. Second, each square meter should serve many different purposes. Finally, neighbourhoods should be designed so that we can live, work and thrive in them without having to constantly commute elsewhere.”

This aspiration is by no means a new idea.

In 1898, urban designer Ebenezer Howard came up with pretty much the same thing in his book Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform. The notion was that people would be liberated from the slums of pollution-belching big cities and given new homes in bright, modern metropolises. These purpose-built conurbations would combine all the good things about living in a city (nightlife, energy, opportunity) with all the best bits of living in the countryside (clean air, nature, community spirit), and with everything on the doorstep.

Howard’s ideas inspired the ‘garden city movement’ that followed and both Welwyn Garden City and Letchworth were built on similar principles. The new towns that sprung up in the post-war years followed much the same path. The aim was to reduce pollution, make urban environments work in favour of the people living in them and make them generally better places in which to live.  

Now, as with any utopic urban planning strategy there were, and still are, problems.

Not everything about the garden cities and new towns worked – far from it – and the 15-minute city model in established urban centres is less than perfect too, not least because it involves a lot of (necessary) traffic calming, which is often unpopular with residents, taxi-drivers and traders who use their vans or cars for work. There’s also the very considerable problem of individuals with restricted mobility, who rely on vehicles to get about potentially facing difficulties.

It is also, unfortunately, the case that some councils that have imposed traffic restrictive measures have done so in a relatively heavy-handed and not always beneficial manner.

But none of that should be insurmountable and the ambition of cleaner, more pedestrianised, low-impact, urban environments is a good one. Many city dwellers live in such communities already. Seeking to tackle the blight of congestion and the misery of noise while reducing pollution is to be welcomed. Fifteen-minute cities would also see a reduction in long commutes for many people and an increase in capacity on transport networks. 

Of course, if you see amenities like parks, schools and hospitals as ‘Stalinist’ then you probably won’t want them near you. But most of us aren’t that foolish. 

Somehow, all of this has been turned into a massive conspiracy theory; one which is almost impossible to untangle. But let’s have a go.

England’s Upper ClassesA Dangerous Cult

Otto English

A New Conspiracy

Recent fears seem to stem from a viral post on 4 December 2022 on a website called ‘Watts up with that’, quoting another website ‘Jo Nova’, about a plan by Oxfordshire County Council to “trial a climate lockdown by 2024”. 

According to the piece:

“Oxfordshire County Council yesterday approved plans to lock residents into one of six zones to ‘save the planet’ from global warming. The latest stage in the ’15 minute city’ agenda is to place electronic gates on key roads in and out of the city, confining residents to their own neighbourhoods.

“Under the new scheme, if residents want to leave their zone, they will need permission from the council who gets to decide who is worthy of freedom and who isn’t. Under the new scheme, residents will be allowed to leave their zone a maximum of 100 days per year, but in order to even gain this, every resident will have to register their car details with the council who will then track their movements via smart cameras round the city.”

Now, if it were true, this would be appalling. A truly nightmarish vision of totalitarianism worthy of George Orwell, Philip K. Dick or the very real excesses of Nazi Germany and North Korea. But it isn’t true. It is complete nonsense and dangerous nonsense at that.

Oxfordshire County Council has no plans to lock people in their homes and restrict their movement and why would it even consider proposing such a thing? It would be illegal.

The medieval city has been long plagued by traffic problems and the scheme simply seeks to install six traffic filters, on six roads in the city, to encourage people to use their cars less during working hours. That’s it. There will be no physical barriers and people will be able to move freely about the city.

Residents in Oxford and some areas outside will be able to apply for a permit allowing them to drive through the traffic filters for up to 100 days each year. But that is quite different to what is being claimed by conspiracy theorists.

Whether deliberately or otherwise, the ‘Watts up with that’ site has misinterpreted and misconstrued the facts of the scheme and spread panic and fear. But incredibly – and perhaps in part because of the Coronavirus lockdowns – thousands of people have decided to believe it and we now have a situation where even a Conservative MP is asking questions about it in the Commons. 

Meanwhile, across established anti-lockdown and anti-vaxxer accounts on Facebook and Twitter, the lie has spread that the citizens of Oxford are going to be locked in their immediate environs for 265 days a year from 2024 onwards – and this complete myth is gaining traction. 

It has led to protests, including a large demonstration in Oxford on 18 February that saw as many as 2,000 campaigners and conspiracy theorists converge on the city and march against this and other ‘LTN’ (low traffic neighbourhood) schemes. Many present were carrying signs saying ‘Free Our Streets’ with the hashtag ‘#Together’ on them.

#Together is a ‘grassroots’ anti-authoritarian movement, set up to protest against the Government-imposed restrictions put in place during the COVID pandemic. It has a very professional-looking website and offers a range of ‘membership options’ from ‘Liberate’ for £50 a year, up to ‘Freedom’ for £799 per annum that gets you a tote bag, monthly live member call and hoodie.

Its team includes some names well-known to readers of Spiked Online – the libertarian website founded following the collapse of Living Marxism, the house magazine of the Revolutionary Communist Party, in 2000.

I have written before about how Spiked – and associates of the old Living Marxism network – have proved themselves adept at setting up these astroturfing (fake grassroots) movements and used their considerable influence across media and government to push libertarian causes. It cannot be a coincidence that we see so many of the same names popping up once again, including Lesley Katon, who played a significant role in setting up the Brexit Party; and Alan Miller, another stalwart of the online magazine.

The Apotheosis of Apophenia Conspiratorial Minds

Otto English

Many Spiked activists and authors are prominent in the field of climate change denial and were active in opposing lockdown measures during the pandemic. As far back as last October, an article on the platform by another long-term contributor James Woudhuysen was decrying “the madness of the 15-minute city”. That piece ended with the telling line: “Not for the first time, or indeed the last, the net zero agenda seems to have taken far too much inspiration from those illiberal days of lockdown.”

So far, so very predictable.

But having taken a deep dive into the Facebook and social media accounts of those who attended the rally in Oxford on 18 February, it is quite clear that the ‘15-minute conspiracy’ has become more than just a protest against traffic calming measures. It has, in fact, become a focal rallying point for just about every other conspiracy theory out there in 2023.

Photos and videos show protestors carrying defaced pictures of Klaus Schwab, chair of the World Economic Forum, along with ‘wanted posters’ for Bill Gates; former US Chief Medical Officer Anthony Fauci; Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi, previously the country’s Vaccine Minister; and signs suggesting that children are having their organs harvested – a well-known QAnon/Pizzagate trope.

Another growing conspiracy, which suggests the EU is trying to replace meat with harvested insects, was also doing the rounds. As was the lie that MRNA vaccines have killed more people than the pandemic.

The far-right Patriotic Front movement was also present at the Oxford rally, carrying signs which read ‘not far right just right’. Fellow protestors, some of who were legitimately protesting against the traffic measures, seemed to have no problem at all marching alongside them.

A leaflet handed out to the crowd encouraged protestors to “question everything” and shared links to sites questioning the number of deaths during the pandemic, the dangers of 5G and electromagnetic fields, the “global pandemic of trafficked children”, and the ‘Great Reset’. 

The 15-minute conspiracy has caught the eye of libertarian influencers including James Melville, Laurence Fox and Neil Oliver, who have all been busy spreading it. 

On 15 February, Melville shared a video shot in China purporting to show “15-minute cities. Urban incarceration. Each neighbourhood zone is separated by a barbed wire fence. Anyone who wants to leave their zone requires a QR code/COVID passport and a face recognition scan.”

On New Year’s Eve, Jordan Peterson tweeted: “The idea that neighbourhoods should be walkable is lovely. The idea that idiot tyrannical bureaucrats can decide by fiat where you’re ‘allowed’ to drive is perhaps the worst imaginable perversion of that idea – and, make no mistake, it’s part of a well-documented plan.”

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect is that this is very far from just being ‘the usual suspects’. My deep dive into Facebook found that many otherwise ‘ordinary’ individuals had fallen for the lie hook, line and sinker and the similarities to the US QAnon movement were stark. 

I wish I could end with a funny pay-off and some words of optimism – but I have a horrible, sinking, feeling that this is all about to get a lot worse.

Otto English is the author of ‘Fake History: Ten Great Lies and How They Shaped the World


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In Part 2 of the “Story Killers” project, which continues the work of assassinated Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh on disinformation, the Forbidden Stories consortium investigated an ultra-secret Israeli company involved in manipulating elections and hacking African politicians. We took an unprecedented dive into a world where troll armies, cyber espionage and influencers are intertwined.

Story Killers - Mercenaries

This article is Part II of the Story Killers project – a global investigation into disinformation mercenaries.

By Cécile Andrzejewski
Translation by: Annie Hylton

STORY KILLERS | February 15, 2023

“Things don’t necessarily have to be true, as long as they are believed” is a quote that could be attributed to many philosophers, but instead originates from a man named Alexander Nix. If his name is unfamiliar, the company he ran is not: Cambridge Analytica.

In 2018, the eponymous scandal revealed how the British company acquired the personal data of nearly 87 million Facebook users to influence voters on “an industrial scale.” The company, which sold its services in some 60 states—from the Iranian regime to the Malaysian national oil company—is accused of manipulating numerous elections; it contributed to Donald Trump’s 2016 victory in the US and the Brexit vote in England. When the affair made headlines, the name Cambridge Analytica became synonymous with disinformation worldwide.

However, not everything about this scandal has been revealed. Some of the most feared culprits inside this world have managed to hide in the shadows, among them mysterious Israeli hacking experts. Brittany Kaiser, the company’s former development director and one of the now-famous whistleblowers in the scandal, described the hackers as a team in charge of “opposition research.” In anonymous testimonies published in the British press in 2018, former employees describe “Israeli hackers” barging into the company’s offices with USB drives loaded with what appeared to contain hacked private emails of politicians. “People panicked, they wanted nothing to do with it,” a former employee told the Guardian at the time. According to the Guardian’s reporting, these “hackers offered personal data about future Nigerian president and future PM of St Kitts and Nevis.”

The Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed the existence and methods of these mysterious hackers. But until now, the press has been unable to pierce the anonymity of these shady “opposition researchers” or attribute them to a company. When he refers to “Israeli black ops” in an internal e-mail, Nix mentions neither an identity nor a company name. Instead, he designates an alias for the boss of this ultra-secret entity: “Jorge.”

Story Killers - Team Jorge

The trailer for “Team Jorge”.

For over six months, Forbidden Stories and its partners followed Jorge’s trail. In this parallel market of disinformation, companies—both official and underground—have become masters in the art of manipulating reality and diffusing misleading stories. Continuing the work of Gauri Lankesh, an Indian journalist murdered in 2017 who investigated disinformation and “lie factories,” the “Story Killers” project penetrated an industry that uses every weapon at its disposal to manipulate the media and public opinion at the expense of information and democracy.

Almost five years after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, journalists from the Forbidden Stories consortium managed to identify and track down Jorge. Using dubious methods, the Israeli “consultant” still goes by this same pseudonym and continues to sell his influence and manipulation services to the highest bidder. His tools, though, have since adapted to the latest technological developments: artificial intelligence now writes on-demand viral posts and the remote hacking of Telegram accounts has enriched his catalog of services.

In the summer of 2022, a potential client, presenting himself as a representative for an African leader hoping to postpone, or even cancel, an election, asked Jorge for a demonstration. The job, Jorge told him, would cost some 6 million euros. During several Zoom discussions, Jorge maintained his anonymity.

What “Jorge” didn’t know is that the man on his screen was not an intermediary, nor did he work in Africa. He was, in fact, a journalist from Radio France and was soon joined by colleagues from TheMarker and Haaretz, reporters who are members of the Story Killers project.

Story Killers - Team Jorge

Excerpt from Team Jorge’s presentation.

“33 presidential campaigns, 27 of which were successful”

Between July and December 2022, journalists posing as clients attended several meetings with Jorge: three online and one in his office in Israel. The consortium decided it was in the public interest to go undercover, which was the only method to gain access to this closed world and obtain evidence of global manipulation. To reach Jorge, reporters needed to pass through a series of intermediaries, from former intelligence officers to communications and security experts. This method presented an otherwise-impossible opportunity to discuss Jorge’s manipulation services–“mainly intelligence and influence,” he said–and attend live demonstrations. Apart from the “technological” “capacities” Jorge presented, he explained how to “build a narrative,” which he could then propagate with an impressive range of services: bot networks, false information, and hacking of opponents.

Jorge boasted of having used such tactics on “33 presidential campaigns, 27 of which were successful,” a claim that is difficult to verify. Jorge did not reveal any details about his clients, preferring instead to demonstrate his impressive range of services.

He eventually divulged information on secret operations, including one that had provoked a recent media storm in France. Earlier this month, the French press disclosed the existence of an internal investigation at BFM TV, a popular television channel after one of its most prominent figures, Rachid M’Barki, allegedly broadcast unverified content.

What the French press didn’t know was that Jorge, a loquacious salesman, was simultaneously bragging to undercover journalists at an office in Modiin, Israel, that he could get his stories placed on French television. To prove his point, he pulled up an excerpt of a report broadcast on BFM TV in December 2022. “The European Union announces a new set of sanctions against Russia,” it read, adding that the sanctions “make yacht builders in Monaco fear the worst” and that “the freezing of assets of oligarchs puts their sector in great difficulty.” The text of this brief broadcast – not in keeping with the channel’s editorial line – was read by M’Barki at midnight.

Story Killers - Rachid M'Barki

Rachid M’Barki, well-known BFM TV host currently at the heart of the scandal. (Photo: Facebook).

To verify the authenticity of this video and others that Jorge’s network of bots had shared, the consortium submitted them to BFM TV’s management in January, which quickly suspended the journalist and launched an internal audit. In a statement to Forbidden Stories, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, the channel’s managing director, said: “I have an ethical suspicion [about why the] news was broadcast while it had no editorial consistency with the rest of the channel.” In response, M’Barki asserted his “editorial free will” and explained that he had followed the instructions of Jean-Pierre Duthion, an intermediary. Media consultant and lobbyist, Duthion is known in the world of influence agencies. In internal documents, one agency described him as a disinformation “mercenary,” who is “mainly motivated by profit.” When contacted by Forbidden Stories, he confirmed that he “worked on the seizing of Russian yachts in Monaco, which led to job losses at the local level,” but declined to reveal his client, arguing such a deal goes through a series of intermediaries, “who do not themselves know who the final client is.”

He claims he did not pay M’Barki, who also told BFM TV management that he did not receive payment to broadcast these stories. According to a source familiar with the industry, such services could be worth some €3,000 for a journalist. M’Barki, who declined to answer our questions, acknowledged that he “did not necessarily follow the usual editorial line,” and said: “Maybe I was tricked. I did not have the impression that was the case, or that I was participating in an operation, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.”

La plateforme AIMS, rassemblant l’armée d’avatars de Jorge.

The AIMS platform, which hosts Jorge’s army of avatars. The profile pictures seem to have been stolen.

Advanced lie-spreading technologies

The BFM TV example, meant to illustrate Jorge’s ability to reach French news channels, is not the only selling point he advanced. In addition to having journalists on his payroll, Jorge also explained how he could spread stories using an army of avatars hosted in and run with an online platform. (Forbidden Stories and its partners subsequently verified the existence of these fake accounts.) This tool, not searchable on the web, is called AIMS: “Advanced Impact Media Solutions.” As early as 2017, Jorge had offered Cambridge Analytica a “Semi-Auto Avatar creation and network deployment system,” accompanied by a demo video illustrating how simple it was to create avatars on a platform that allowed for seamless navigation from one account to another. In 2022, Jorge had a catalog of more than 30,000 automated profiles of virtual people with real accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, and Bitcoin. Jorge used these fake accounts to post a flurry of comments on social networks, stir up controversy and even purchase sex toys on Amazon. Jorge recounted how one pretty, blond-haired avatar named Shannon Aiken used an Amazon account to order sex toys to the house of a political rival of one of his clients, leaving the rival candidate’s wife to believe he had been unfaithful. “After that, the story was leaked, and he couldn’t go home. The campaign turned around,” Jorge said.

Story Killers - Team Jorge Emeu

Emmanuel the emu, at the center of the #RIP_Emmanuel campaign. (Photo: @hiitaylorblake)

To prove the effectiveness of his digital army, Jorge agreed to trend a hashtag on behalf of the undercover reporters. The journalists suggested “#RIP_Emmanuel,” named after an emu that became an internet star in the summer of 2022. The goal: spread a rumor about the death of the animal to test the success of the AIMS avatars. (The emu’s owner has since been notified.) With the social media campaign fully rolled out, our consortium then traced the hashtag to identify additional accounts controlled by Team Jorge. From here, we tracked some 20 disinformation campaigns on almost every continent. (Identifying the clients of these campaigns, however, was not always possible.)

In the UK, in Fall 2021, AIMS avatars took a hard line against the UK Health Safety Agency. The agency had launched an investigation into a laboratory accused of providing some 43,000 false negative Covid test results to its patients. The group that owns this laboratory denied any link with “Jorge,” arguing that it was unaware of his existence. In 2020, some of the same avatars participated in an aggressive smear campaign against Hong Kong businessman George Chang, who owns 90 percent of the Port of Panama. The same year, AIMS bots came to the rescue of Tomás Zerón de Lucio, a former high-level Mexican official who was the subject of an international arrest warrant. The former director of the agency in charge of criminal investigations in Mexico between 2013 to 2016, Zerón is accused of kidnapping, torture and tampering with evidence in the investigation of the disappearance of 43 students in 2014. Zerón authorized the acquisition of Pegasus spyware in Mexico and is now on the run in Israel, which has refused to extradite him. But according to Jorge’s bots, these accusations are merely a campaign orchestrated against an “innocent” man by Mexico’s “corrupt president,” Andrés Manuel López Obrador. (“M. Zerón is not responsible for any advertising campaign on his behalf, and doesn’t know who is behind each comment on social media,” his lawyer Liora Turlevsky said.)

Tomás Zerón, the former director of Mexico’s criminal investigation agency from 2013 to 2016, is accused of kidnapping, torture and tampering with evidence in the investigation into the disappearance of 43 students in 2014. (Photo: CC BY-SA 4.0)

The AIMS tool doesn’t just offer avatar creation. The latest version, shown to the undercover journalists, can also create and disseminate automated content. Using keywords, the tool can create posts, articles, comments or tweets in any language with a “positive,” “negative,” or “neutral” tone. After entering the words “Chad,” “president,” “brother,” and “Déby,” for instance, Jorge commanded the tool to produce 10 negative tweets about the Chadian government. Twelve seconds later, they appeared. “Enough is enough, we need to put an end to incompetence and nepotism of president of Chad brother Déby,” one read. “The Chad people have suffered enough under the rule of President Brother Déby,” read another. “One operator can hold 300 profiles, so in two hours, all the country will speak the messages or the narrative [we] want,”one of Jorge’s associates said.

Ministry of hacking

To demonstrate one of his most effective weapons, Jorge took control of the private messaging systems of several high-level African officials. “We are inside,” Jorge told the reporters, who observed two Gmail accounts,a Google Drive and an address book, as well as a string of Telegram accounts. (Hacking victims were unaware of the infiltration.) Once inside the messaging system of a victim, Jorge was then able to impersonate conversations with their contacts. Jorge proceeded to send messages to the victims’ relatives from their hacked Telegram accounts.

Jorge, though, made an error. Attempting to remove his traces, he deleted the messages sent from the infiltrated account but forgot to delete the messages for the recipient. We identified one of these recipients, who kept records of Jorge’s operation. Through the error, we could confirm that in the summer of 2022, as the Kenyan presidential election was approaching, Jorge looked through the accounts of people close to future president William Ruto. Two hacking victims—Dennis Itumbi and Davis Chirchir, then in charge of digital strategy for Ruto’s campaign and Ruto’s chief of staff, respectively—were accused, following the elections, of having hired hackers to manipulate the results of the presidential election. The Supreme Court rejected the accusation and said the evidence had been “falsified.” (Nevertheless, there is no definitive proof that Team Jorge was behind attempts to manipulate the Kenyan presidential election.)

Jorge and his galaxy

It wasn’t until our consortium’s journalists visited Jorge’s offices in Modi’in, the headquarters of Israel’s high-tech industry, that they saw his face. Even to his most eminent partners, Jorge has managed to hide details about himself. Nix, the director of Cambridge Analytica, who knew him only by his alias, asked as early as May 2015, in an internal email to which we obtained access: “What is Jorge’s (from Israel black-ops co) surname please and also the name of his company.” Brittany Kaiser, the whistleblower in the scandal, sent an e-mail the next day with a response: “Tal Hanan is CEO of Demoman International.”

After months of investigating, Forbidden Stories and its partners traced Hanan’s career path and mapped the contours of his galaxy.

A combination of former intelligence officers and communications and security experts confirmed the extent of his activities and the nature of his business.

Tal Hanan.

Mashi Meidan.

Mashi Meidan, who in the 2010s ran an Israeli security company in Panama, featured prominently in the meetings with journalists, suggesting proximity with Hanan. Meidan is a former member of the Shabak, the Israeli domestic intelligence service, also known as the Shin Bet, according to several sources. According to his lawyers, Meidan “was an Israeli government employee until 2006, at which time he retired,” but he “is not, and has never been, associated with a company or entity named ‘Team Jorge,’ and is definitely not a ‘business partner’ in such a venture.” Meidan was, however, at in-person meetings with Hanan and most online meetings with him, during which his colleagues presented the scope of their services.

Shuki Friedman, also present during one meeting with the journalists and another with Hanan, is allegedly a former officer of the Israeli domestic intelligence service. He oversaw intelligence in Ramallah, Palestine, for many years, and according to at least one legend, recruited the “Green Prince,” the son of a Hamas leader, to spy for the Shin Bet.

Zohar Hanan.

Also present during two meetings with the journalists, but not with Hanan, was Yaakov Tzedek, head of the Tzedek Media Group, who presented himself as “a digital and advertising expert for over a decade.” Ishay Shechter, Strategy Director at Goren Amir, a major Israeli lobbying firm, participated in a meeting with the journalists that led them to Hanan. Responding to questions from the consortium, he wrote that he “never had a business relationship with Jorge or Tal Hanan” and that he was “not familiar with or aware of their illegal or improper activity.”

Finally, Zohar Hanan, Tal’s brother, is the CEO of a private security company and a polygraph specialist. He told the consortium he “[has] been working all his life according to the law.”

According to a biography on Demoman’s website, Hanan served in the Israeli Special Forces in an elite explosive ordnance disposal unit. His career, like his business, moved from explosives disposal to intelligence. Even if “Jorge” has remained invisible for years, Hanan became of interest to at least one European intelligence service in 2008, according to a police source, for offers of dubious security services following various counter-terrorism, intelligence and counter-espionage conferences. According to the same source, he operates on the “border between private security and mercenaries.” When contacted by the consortium, Tal Hanan simply denied “any wrong doing”.

Hanan has cultivated an impressive international network over his years working in intelligence. According to a Bloomberg investigation, in 2006, while on assignment for a Panamanian bank, Hanan alerted Martin Rodil, then a data analyst with the International Monetary Fund, to money moving from PDVSA, the Venezuelan state oil company, to Iran, in violation of US sanctions. Hanan then allegedly asked Rodil to track down the money for him, according to Bloomberg. A year later, the two decided to share their information with the Israeli government and spent two days answering questions from the secret service. Together, they founded Global Resources Solutions, which offered security and financial intelligence. Rodil is now under investigation in Spain for allegedly extorting former Venezuelan officials. He did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

During a meeting with journalists in August 2022, Hanan named Roger Noriega, the former deputy secretary of state under President George W. Bush, as a former associate. (Noriega also worked with Rodil and publicly defended him in the press.) When contacted by our consortium, Noriega, who also helped establish a hard political stance toward the Chavez regime, admitted to knowing Hanan but said: “Since six or seven years, [I haven’t had] any substantial conversation with him. We had common clients related to Venezuela, [but] I never had any serious business with Tal.”

An interconnected market

Hanan claims to use the most advanced tools on the market for his manipulation services. During his live demonstrations, he presented services from TA9, a subsidiary of the company Rayzone, whose logo he had erased in his presentation. Contacted by Forbidden Stories, TA9 said that it has never had any business dealings with Hanan or his associates and explained that screenshots of its products were readily available on its website or during online presentations.

Rayzone also markets tools that allow for collecting personal data and location via the Internet or telephone networks. It relies on the SS7 network, which is used to direct calls and SMS messages from telephone users to their customers and locate their devices. This system, meant for telephone operators, suffers from vulnerabilities that allow hackers to access the information of cellphone users. Hanan repeatedly raised the potential exploitation of these vulnerabilities during meetings with the journalists.

When asked about its offerings, Rayzone only mentioned one product, which, they said, “[offers] location only without any active interception capabilities” and is regulated by the Israeli defense ministry.

Using additional slides from TA9 brochures, the Rayzone subsidiary, Hanan also cited its “facial recognition” and “interception of GSM satellite” capacities as available tools for the most sophisticated surveillance of potential targets.

A brochure from TA9, a subsidiary of the Rayzone Group, presented by Tal Hanan.

According to the Israeli daily Calcalist, David Avital, a shareholder in one of Rayzone’s subsidiaries, is currently harboring Zerón, the former Mexican official subject to an international arrest warrant and whose innocence the AIMS avatars defended. (“Mr. Zerón is indeed in Israel. However, he never lived in an apartment belonging to David Avital,” Turlevsky, Zerón’s lawyer, said.)

Investigating this network, Forbidden Stories repeatedly confronted the blurred lines between states and private companies, and the interconnected worlds of intelligence, influence and cyber-surveillance. But questions remain as to how Hanan is paid for his services.

Forbidden Stories and its partners gained access to a brochure, sent by Hanan as part of a pitch to Cambridge Analytica in 2015, that provided a picture of how much these services might cost. This rather vague document of just over three pages is entitled “elections, intelligence and special operations,” and suggests that the author had field experience since 1999. This is the same year that Demoman, the company of which Hanan is CEO, was founded. In the brochure, Hanan proposes options that “feed and enhance each other,” combining “strategic intelligence,” “public perception,” “information warfare,” “communication security,” and a “special package” for “D-Day.” The brochure praises his team, composed of former intelligence services and special forces from Israel, the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom and Russia. According to the brochure, the team also includes “experts in media and mass media” who know “the best way to use the information to deliver a story, a message, or a scandal, to create the desired effects.” According to the brochure, Hanan charged $160,000 for an eight-week “initial research and preparation phase,” plus $40,000 for travel expenses. (This rate was much lower than what he had proposed to the consortium’s reporters in 2022: 6 million Euros for one campaign.)

However, it was not through Demoman that Hanan marketed his hacking services. And for good reason: the company is registered with the Israeli Ministry of Defense. According to Israeli law, it is illegal to sell hacking services to private individuals or businesses, or for use in foreign political campaigns.

During various meetings with the undercover journalists, Hanan claimed to have about 100 employees globally. Although this number is impossible to confirm, the Demoman website claims to have offices and representatives in Israel, the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, the Philippines and Colombia. Mexican and Ukrainian addresses were also mentioned, but, according to Hanan, they were closed due to a business slowdown and war, respectively.

During the same meeting, Hanan’s brother also claimed to be using AIMS bots to bet on the crypto-currency market, and thus reap additional gains. Anything to make a dollar.


‘Mo jabs, mo deaths’ Joel Smalley

Analysis of excess mortality across England local authorities. ‘It’s like the more jabbing we come across, the more problems we see…’ – Notorious BIG

Joel Smalley Feb 9, 2023

Since the start of COVID, there have been four distinct periods of excess death in England.

In this short study, I have aggregated excess death in each of the 300+ lower tier local authorities (LTLA: administrative areas of England).

This allows us to measure idiosyncratic excess death against idiosyncratic levels of COVID “vaccination”.

Figure 1

Let’s start with period 1, spring 2020 (obviously before anyone was “vaccinated”) vs dose 1 cut off at 07-Mar-21 in order to deal with any potential confounding (Figure 1).

Sure enough, a decent amount of explanatory power (R² = 31.0%) and statistically significant at the highest level, tells us we have some spurious correlation between excess mortality and rates of “vaccination” given that the deaths occurred almost a year before the “vaccines” were released.

Of course, we’ve seen this in many other countries too. Essentially, jab rates are positively correlated with wealth (inversely with deprivation), which has the opposite relationship with death.

So, if the jab is effective, we’re going to have to see that relationship improved, i.e. a steeper downward slope.

Figure 2

There was hardly any “full protection” in any LTLA by the time the winter 2021 excess death wave (period 2) had ended naturally in early March 2021, so nothing can be inferred from the regression above (Figure 2).

Furthermore, as I’ve said before, any study purporting vaccine effectiveness that includes data covering this period is garbage. Period.

Figure 3

So, we have to look at the next wave of excess death, spanning summer/autumn 2021 to see if there is any benefit (Figure 3). Summer?? Say what now??

Looking at those who stopped at two doses (double-dosed population minus boosted), it is actually apparent that those areas with higher jab rates had higher levels of excess death.

However, this might be due to “waning protection”, right? Well, we’ll find out soon enough.

Figure 4

And there we have it, areas with high levels of triple jabbers also show no improvement whatsoever (Figure 4). Well done those who woke up in time!

Figure 5

Not so good for those who continued…

Let’s take a look at 2022 (Figure 5). Same story – ‘mo jabs, mo death’ as the Notorious BIG might have rapped.

And this time, we’re firmly back in significant territory with R² = 26.6% and 100% confidence that this result is not by chance (unless it’s spurious again).

Comment from Julie Marson, Member of Parliament for Hertford and Stortford in the UK

Oh, I almost forgot, we were expecting less death in the high jab areas due to confounding. That’s really some reversal of fortune? ‘It’s like the more jabbing we come across, the more problems we see…’.

As always, remember, the burden is not on me to prove that COVID jabs result in higher excess deaths, the obligation is solely on the jab pushers to prove unequivocally that they reduce death.

Good luck with that!

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By Joel Smalley  ·  Hundreds of paid subscribers

Dead people don’t lie. Empirical analysis of mortality and other data to eke out the truth about COVID.

Higher Excess Deaths Clearly Linked to Higher Vaccination Rates in England, New Analysis Shows


The more vaccine doses an area of England has received, the greater the number of excess deaths it has experienced, an analysis of official data has found – adding to worries that the novel Covid vaccines are contributing to the sharp rise in excess deaths seen since mid-2021.

The analysis looked at excess death rates and vaccination rates for all 300-plus lower tier administrative areas in England. It used the pre-pandemic five-year average (2015-19) as a baseline and controlled for confounding factors such as age and deprivation by comparing the findings in the vaccination era to those in the first Covid wave, before vaccines were available (Figure 1).

In the first wave (March 15th to June 21st 2020) the areas which would go on to be more highly vaccinated had lower excess deaths on average (the reference vaccination rate is as of March 7th 2021, first dose only). This is a result of the healthy vaccinee effect, whereby people who choose to get vaccinated tend on average also to be people who had better health outcomes pre-vaccine (note that vaccination and health both tend to correlate with wealth). As a result, even if the vaccine was a placebo that had no effect, more-vaccinated areas would have fewer excess deaths on average than less-vaccinated areas. The downward slope in the chart above is thus a baseline for what happens after vaccine rollout. After the vaccination rollout, if the slope becomes steeper then it means that the more-vaccinated areas have even lower excess deaths than they did before the rollout, indicating the vaccine may be lowering the death rate and saving lives as intended. On the other hand, if the slope becomes shallower or reverses direction then it means something is counteracting the background health advantage of the more-vaccinated areas, suggesting the vaccines may be having the opposite effect of the intended one and increasing excess deaths.

The analysis looked at the three periods of excess deaths in England after the vaccine rollout (Figure 2). These are, broadly, the Alpha period of winter 2020-21 (December 20th 2020 to March 7th 2021), the Delta period of the second half of 2021 (June 27th 2021 to January 9th 2022) and the Omicron period of 2022 (March 27th 2022 to January 1st 2023) – though it’s important to keep in mind that for the Delta and Omicron periods many or most of the excess deaths were not Covid related.

Figure 2

The low vaccine coverage during the Alpha period, very early in the rollout, make the findings for that period uninformative and they have been omitted here.

The results for the double-dosed during the Delta period, on the other hand, are striking (Figure 3). (N.B. ‘double-dosed’ here doesn’t include triple-dosed; the 0% vaccinated point is the City of London.)

Figure 3

The downward slope of the pre-vaccine baseline (the ‘healthy vaccinee effect’) has gone completely, and now there is a shallow upward slope. Far from the outcomes for the more-vaccinated areas seeing improvement from the vaccine, then, those areas have seen their death rates increase so that they now are slightly higher on average than the less-vaccinated areas. This worrying finding is only confirmed when we look at the triple-dose data for the same period (Figure 4).

Figure 4

Once again, areas with higher third-dose coverage, far from seeing an improvement in outcomes over the pre-vaccination baseline, see excess deaths increase to the point that the more-boosted areas are slightly worse off than the less-boosted areas, the downward slope now reversed into a slight upward slope.

Worse, the upward slope only gets steeper as we move into 2022 and the Omicron period (Figure 5).

Figure 5

Here, the significant upward slope indicates that the excess deaths in 2022 are much more concentrated in more-vaccinated than less-vaccinated areas of England. This would be bad enough, but recall that the baseline is the ‘healthy vaccine effect’ whereby the excess death rates pre-vaccine were significantly lower in what would become the more-vaccinated areas. Putting the two charts side-by-side (Figure 6) shows the stark difference in excess death rates before and after the vaccine rollout.

Figure 6: The left-hand image shows excess deaths by area of England during the first wave, before vaccination, using first-dose vaccination data as reference; the right-hand image shows excess deaths in the same areas for the Omicron period. The reversal in the slope is indicative of a major reversal in the health outcomes of the more-vaccinated areas.

The reversal in the slope is indicative of a major reversal in the health outcomes of the more-vaccinated areas. It may be that the reason for this change is not the vaccine – full data by vaccination status are required to confirm or refute this. But given that most of the other likely factors (e.g. age, deprivation, background health conditions) are controlled for by the fact that areas are being compared to their own historic baselines, it is hard to think what it could be. (To be fair, some of it may be mortality displacement from 2020 owing to more people in the less-vaccinated areas dying earlier on, though that can’t be all of it given the trend gets worse for the more-vaccinated areas over time rather than better.)

At any rate, it offers no support to the claim that the vaccines reduce overall deaths, suggesting that any finding that claims they do may be a result of the healthy vaccinee effect.

Data analyst Joel Smalley, who is behind the analysis, commented: “As always, remember, the burden is not on me to prove that Covid jabs result in higher excess deaths, the obligation is solely on the jab pushers to prove unequivocally that they reduce death.”

The Government has refused to carry out an investigation into the cause of the recent wave of tens of thousands of excess deaths in England. Perhaps this is why.


Covid jab spike proteins get “delivered” to ALL bodily organs, resulting in hyper-accelerated aging

The phenomenon of “sudden deaths” being seen all around the world following the release of covid “vaccines” can be traced back to one common cause: the age-accelerating effects of spike proteins.

Spike proteins lodge inside every organ of the body, we now know, and once there they transform a person from young to old or from old to very old. This is why young people everywhere, including in-shape athletes, are dropping dead suddenly of cardiac events.

Walter M. Chesnut of WMC Research calls this phenomenon Spike Protein Endothelial Disease, or SPED, which he describes as Stage One of a disease he calls Spike Protein Progeria Syndrome (SPPS).

SPPS, Chesnut explains, is an endothelial reaction to the invasion of spike proteins into all major organs of the body. (Related: Check out this amazing component found in broccoli that could help the brain repair spike protein damage.)

“Consider this much like the shock of being submerged in freezing water, or being blasted with fire,” he writes. “There is INSTANTANEOUS damage: inflammation, coagulation and all that accompanies an insult to the Endothelium.”

“However, once the Spike Protein has INVADED the Endothelium of all the major organs, it then PROCEEDS TO INDUCE MISTRANSLATION OF mRNA IN EACH ORGAN.”

Covid jab spike proteins function as an AGING drug, accelerating the death process

This is followed by Stage Two of SPPS, or the premature aging of all organs inside the body due to induced mistranslations of the proteins that are essential for proper organ functionality.

Mice models show that critters exposed to this spike protein onslaught accumulated these deadly poisons inside their organs, resulting in rapid aging in various ways, i.e., “reduced weight, chest deformation, hunchback posture, poor fur condition, and urinary syndrome, together with lymphopenia, increased levels of reactive oxygen species–inflicted damage, accelerated age-related changes in DNA methylation, and telomere attrition.”

The average lifespan of a spike protein-infected creature is far lower than that of a clean creature whose body was not invaded by these injection poisons. The former develops chronic health conditions that substantially increase the risk of early mortality.

The aging comorbidities seen in the spike protein-infected mice, including frailty, kyphosis, cataract, and sky dystrophia, can be traced back to improper protein synthesis and mRNA-induced mistranslations by the ribosome.

“The Wizard is indeed behind the curtain,” Chesnut writes. “We are seeing a 26-year-old die. But that 26-year-old has the organs of a 96-year-old. No surprise in rapid cancers, neurodegeneration or sudden cardiac death – for a 96-year-old.”

“I believe the Spike Protein is acting as a Progeria Drug – delivered via the Endothelium to all organs.”

Chesnut says he is “deeply saddened” and “numb” about these discoveries. They confirm what many others have suspected about covid jab spike proteins entering all sorts of bodily tissue and wreaking havoc on its functionality.

“This further confirms all of our ‘conspiracy theories,’” one commenter wrote about the findings. “I’m giving methylene blue a shot. We’ll know it works by whether ‘they’ start restricting its use … kinda’ like they did with hydroxychloroquine and IVM (ivermectin).”

“Other recommendations I have seen (and take) are Nattokinase (mentioned by Dr. McCullough and being tested by the Japanese), NAC, Bromelain and Black Seed Oil (leaves an unpleasant after taste),” suggested another about other potential remedies for spike protein poisoning.

“After I started taking these, I got slightly painful lymph nodes in my throat. I speculate that it was breaking up the spike proteins and they were getting filtered through the lymph nodes. It went away after a week.”

The latest news about covid injections can be found at

Sources for this article include:

Doctors and nurses became murderers. Hospitals became killing fields: 21st century death camps.

Hello, it’s January 2023 and this is my 320th video since I started recording them early in 2020, and in this video I’m going to explain how hospitals have become death camps and how many doctors and nurses have abandoned their healing roles and have become murderers. No apologies for what sounds like hyperbole because I’ll show you that it isn’t. This video is all about how and why so many hospitals have become modern killing fields: 21st century death camps.

I’m going to start by telling you about a woman in her early 70s whose story is significant, to say the least. She had been in good health when suddenly, unexpectedly, she collapsed and, after the now customary eight hour wait for an ambulance, eventually found herself in hospital. She was unconscious, and a junior doctor eventually diagnosed that she’d had a stroke. It wasn’t a difficult diagnosis. It was what her husband, her son and the paramedics had diagnosed.

Eventually, they found a bed for her and the doctors confessed that there wasn’t much they could do.

‘How long will it be before we know anything?’ asked the woman’s husband.

‘She could be like this for days, for weeks or for months,’ replied the doctor – the one who had made the diagnosis.

‘We don’t want a Do Not Resuscitate notice putting on her notes,’ said the son, who’d read about such things, and whose wife was a nurse in another hospital.

‘Of course not,’ said the doctor. He then went away and the husband and the son saw him talking to two nurses. By now it was late in the evening.

The doctor disappeared but one of the nurses arrived at the bedside. She was carrying a syringe. ‘She could be like this for months,’ said the nurse. ‘She could be suffering a great deal.’

‘But she’s unconscious,’ pointed out the son. His mother, who was breathing normally, seemed to be quite peaceful.

‘We’ve decided to give her something to help her,’ said the nurse.

‘What is it?’ asked the husband.

`It’s two medicines,’ said the nurse. ‘It’s a mixture of midazolam and morphine. It’ll help her rest. We don’t want her suffering. She could be like this for months.’

After giving the injection the nurse suggested that the husband and the son went home. When they returned to the hospital the following morning their wife and mother was dead.

`We were just about to call you,’ said another nurse, who seemed very sympathetic. The doctor came. He too was sympathetic.

It was only afterwards, when they were at home, that the man and his son realised that their wife and mother had been killed – deliberately, cold-bloodedly killed. There had been absolutely no reason to give her the now infamous and widely used kill-shot of midazolam and morphine.

‘People who’ve had strokes can make a full recovery,’ said the woman’s daughter-in-law, as they talked when they were back home.

‘I remember that film star Patricia Neal,’ said the husband. ‘Her husband was Roald Dahl. She made films again – despite having had a stroke.’

The three of them were numb. It didn’t occur to them that they’d just witnessed a murder. But that’s what it was.

It wasn’t euthanasia. It wasn’t mercy killing. It certainly wasn’t treatment.

The hospital staff killed that woman because stroke victims can take months to recover. They didn’t want a woman over 70 using a bed on one of their wards. Beds have been in short supply in British hospitals for years. There are fewer beds than bureaucrats.

And it wasn’t manslaughter either. By any definition, it was pre-meditated, cold-blooded murder. Murder, remember, is the unlawful, premeditated killing of one human being by another. What else would you call it when a patient in hospital is killed without their consent, without the consent of relatives and without the consent of a court of law?

Nor was this incident rare.

Pretty much the same thing is happening every day in hospitals all around the world. Staff put patients to sleep in the same way that a vet might put a dog or cat to sleep. They kill patients whom they think might need a good deal of nursing or medical care.

What is happening is exactly what I predicted almost three years ago – at the beginning of 2020 when I warned that one of the reasons for the covid fraud was to find an excuse to kill the elderly and to save billions on pension payments. The Government has boasted about the money saved.

In my book Coming Apocalypse – published in April 2020, right at the start of this fraud, I said: that life would never again be as good as it was in January 2020 and I stand by that, I’m afraid. Those who sneered might like to think again. I’ve been lied about and banned but everything I’ve said, written and predicted has been accurate. I wish it hadn’t been.

In many hospitals all around the world, the term ‘Palliative care ward’ is now a synonym for ‘death camp’ as the killing of the elderly, which started in 2020, gathers pace.

First there was the Liverpool Care Pathway – whereby elderly patients were deliberately starved to death or deprived of fluid until they died. Then the United Nations effectively allowed doctors around the world to kill people over the age of 70 without anyone caring.

And care home staff were allowed to dose the elderly with tranquillisers and sleeping tablets without telling the patients or their relatives what was happening. It was, and is, all perfectly legal. Now, of course, there aren’t as many care home staff as there were – thousands of them left their jobs when they were told they had to have a dangerous, ineffective covid jab; a so-called vaccine which they knew from observation was a killer.

And there is the kill shot. The mixture of midazolam and morphine which takes medical care one step further than the Do Not Resuscitate notice casually scrawled on the medical notes of anyone who looks too sick to bother with. I described it as murder in the early summer of 2020.

At the moment, of course, it’s usually anyone over 70 or anyone disabled or chronically sick – whether physically or mentally ill – who gets murdered, though in some hospitals anyone over 65 is vulnerable. Soon it will be anyone over 60. And then it’ll be anyone over 50. And then the slippery slope gets ever steeper.

Doctors and nurses – who have the power of death over life – are murdering people every day in our hospitals. And no one gives a damn. I suspect that the doctors and nurses don’t even realise that what they are doing isn’t just ethically wrong it is also legally wrong.

It’s the reason anyone over 60, or anyone ill, should do everything they can to keep out of hospitals. And, if they have to go in to do everything they can to get out. Britain is the worst country in the developed world for health care.

Of course, the midazolam and morphine kill shot isn’t new. What’s new is the way that it has become part of hospital culture. It came in the slipstream of covid-19 – the fake pandemic of 2020 – and now it’s commonplace.

And the kill shot, a single jab of death, isn’t the only way doctors and nurses are guilty of mass murder.

Right from the start, ministers, journalists and doctors have lied, lied and lied again as they’ve fought against the facts to sell us a fake pandemic and a dangerous drug that never did what it was said to do.

In 2020, the medical profession became obsessed with covid-19, even though it was provably nothing more than the rebranded flu. It was the most over-promoted scare in history; a deliberately created fake pandemic. Doctors and nurses were either too stupid or too greedy to see the truth. And they became part of the biggest crime in history. They became professional killers – assassins working for the conspirators.

They created a fake pandemic out of the ordinary annual flu by claiming that everyone who tested positive for covid – and subsequently died was a covid victim. They used a test, the PCR test, which everyone knew didn’t work, and hospitals in many countries received a cash bonus for every covid diagnosis they made. They were bribed to lie. In America, hospitals were given $13,000 for every patient they diagnosed with covid-19. If a patient needed to be put on a ventilator the hospital received a bonus of $39.000. What a surprise that so many patients needed to be put on ventilators – which killed many. The bonus system was used all around the world – another coincidence – and in some countries the staff got part of the cash bonus – kickbacks I think they usually call them.

Anyone who believes there was a pandemic in 2020 is a fool or a liar. Or both. Anyone who says the covid jab was necessary, effective and safe is a fool or a liar. Or both. Any national TV host who thinks they can prove me wrong can fix up a live TV debate. They won’t, of course, because they’d lose. And the Government wouldn’t let them anyway. I’m banned from all TV and radio. And I’m banned from most of the internet too, simply for telling the truth. The last time an internet radio station interviewed me – months ago – nearly a quarter of the interview mysteriously disappeared. The time before that the station lost its ability to raise money because they’d interviewed me. I’m banned because they know damned well I’m right and it’s important to protect the lies in order to keep the conspiracy alive. There was a time, long ago, when information was powerful. Today, the truth is the world’s most dangerous commodity. There is no freedom of speech. The authorities even banned David Icke from travelling to mainland Europe – presumably worried that he might wake up some sleeping souls.

The patients who tested positive with the PCR test, a dangerous, useless test everyone knew didn’t work and might kill people (and it has killed people – as I have shown in earlier videos, such as the one titled `This needs to be stopped now’) were dumped on a covid ward and treated as though all that was wrong with them was that they’d got the rebranded flu – even if they didn’t have any flu symptoms at all. Some were given dangerous drugs that didn’t work. But thousands didn’t receive the treatment they DID need because they had been wrongly diagnosed as covid patients.

Patients who needed specialist surgery, dialysis or other treatment didn’t receive it because they’d been falsely branded as suffering from covid – the rebranded flu. They couldn’t be transferred to specialist units so they died and were put down as covid deaths. They died because they were mis-diagnosed and denied treatment. It was, and is, genocide. It was official health care policy. GPs had disappeared – they had abandoned their patients in case they got the annual flu – and hospitals became killing grounds. And while all this was happening, hospital departments shut. Cancer related surgery dropped by 26% in the UK in 2020. In contrast, there was a 0.6% fall in Denmark. Doctors and nurses betrayed their patients, their professions and themselves.

The medical establishment, collective victims of the world’s most egregious confidence trick, had decided that global warming was THE health care threat. And so they decided there should be less testing and treating of patients. I’ve dealt with this extraordinary nonsense many times.

What has been happening is all part of the killing. The genocide. The plan to reduce the global population and the plan to appease the few idiotic pseudoscientists and children who claim, quite wrongly, and without evidence, that man has made his planet unbearably hot. Or is it unbearably cold. They change their minds a lot. They’ve been wound up and misdirected by conspirators who have, since the 1940s, been concerned about the disappearing oil and convinced that the population needs culling.

And the killing is working well.

In 2020 – the year of the fake pandemic – the total number of deaths was normal. I proved that. But in 2021 and 2022 – when covid virtually disappeared and was replaced by the returning ordinary flu – the death totals suddenly soared and they’re still way above normal. That was no mystery. It was all predicted. In the USA, over 100,000 young people died or were seriously ill after being given the experimental jab that didn’t work and wasn’t safe. Today, previously healthy people all over the world are dropping like flies. Journalists and doctors struggle to find bizarre new explanations for what they call Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. But it was all predictable. I predicted it would happen in 2020. Check out my old videos on

Today, those who had the covid jab have altered immune systems and their hearts are in danger. The predictions I made throughout 2020, 2021 and 2022 are already true or all coming true. Those who have been jabbed need to avoid strenuous exercise and stress, eat carefully and boost their immune systems.

The ignorant, the susceptible and the half-awake think that covid is a dangerous bioweapon. The mainstream media want us to believe it’s a bioweapon so that the ignorant believe that covid (the rebranded flu) is a deadly disease. And they use it to cover up vaccine injuries. They blame the rebranded flu for all the deaths caused by the covid-jab – the most dangerous drug in history. The covid jab’s creators and promoters were praised to the skies but they produced something that, in my view, wasn’t tested properly, doesn’t do what they promised it would do and isn’t safe.

And because I’ve told you the truth about the genocide, about covid and about the dangerous covid jabs, I’m considered dangerous and must be silenced.

Please don’t forget to watch my friend Dr Colin Barron – who is back making wonderful videos. And please visit my websites – and where there are new articles most weekdays. Please remember that I am banned from all social media and I do not have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram or any other sites. I am banned from accessing YouTube – let alone putting videos there. Anything that appears in my name on social media is fake and should be labelled as such. The only sites I control are my own two websites. Finally, although it may feel like it at times, please remember that you’re not alone in being aware that the conspiracy is real and deadly.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. These are the most dangerous times in history. We must remain vigilant.

Please share this and my other videos on the internet – on social media and on other platforms. I can’t because I’m imprisoned here on my websites and banned worldwide for the modern sin of telling the truth.

Please remember, God is on our side, and thank you, again, for watching an old man in a chair.

Dr. Vernon Coleman:

Bill Gates-Funded Firm Released 150,000 Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In The Wild

Monit Khanna

According to the study, researchers have bioengineered male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to mate with the wild female population (females are known to bite their prey and cause dengue/malaria).The genetically engineered males carry a gene that passes to their offspring and kills female progeny in early larval stages. The male child won’t die but they’ll continue to possess the gene that will pass on to future generations.With the death of female mosquitoes, the Aedes aegypti population is expected to drop considerably.

A biotech firm funded by Bill Gates has released 150,000 genetically modified mosquitoes in the US to curb mosquito breeding and gain control over the spreading of diseases like dengue and malaria.

oxitech mosquito populationGetty Images

Also Read: What If We Used Mosquitoes To Vaccinate People? Japan Actually Did

Oxitec, a firm based in Abingdon, UK has already tested these mosquitoes in Brazil, Malaysia, Panama and the Cayman Islands but hadn’t received regulatory approval for the US, but it has finally received it now. 

The mosquito species in question is the Aedes aegypti that comprise four percent of the mosquito population in the Keys — a chain of tropical islands in the southernmost tip of Florida. However, these are responsible for all mosquito-borne disease in the region. 

How do these mosquitoes work?

According to the study, researchers have bioengineered male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to mate with the wild female population (females are known to bite their prey and cause dengue/malaria). The genetically engineered males carry a gene that passes to their offspring and kills female progeny in early larval stages. 

The male child won’t die but they’ll continue to possess the gene that will pass on to future generations. With the death of female mosquitoes, the Aedes aegypti population is expected to drop considerably.

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The first batch of males is expected to emerge during the first two weeks of May. Around 12,000 males will be released from the boxes each week over the next 12 weeks. In a second phase scheduled for later this year, Oxitec expects nearly 20 million mosquitoes to emerge over a period of about 16 weeks.

oxitech mosquito populationGetty Images

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How do they track them?

To monitor the progress of the trial, researchers will make use of capture devices to trap mosquitoes for the study. Researchers have also added a fluorescent marker gene in the mosquitoes that make them glow when exposed to a particular colour of light. 

Oxitec plans to present the results to the US Environmental Protection Agency — the agency that permitted this trial. This data will help EPA understand if Oxitech’s approach can be extended to other mosquito-prone areas of the nation.

The COVID Jabbed Are Dying While Fueling Variants

Public health officials are sounding the alarm about a new Omicron variant, XBB, that is spreading across the northeast US. Studies suggest it is vastly different from the original Wuhan strain and is evading herd immunity and the latest BA.5 boosters. Are the mRNA shots to blame?


Joseph Mercola Jan 10 2023

(Corona Borealis Studio/Shutterstock) Coronavirus covid-19 illness new strains: Delta variant, Delta plus mutation, Alpha, Beta, Gamma strains of corona virus flu. Mutated coronavirus virus cell impact DNA, delta covid disease pandemic 3D


  • At the end of December 2022, John Campbell, Ph.D., posted a video calling on the British health authorities to halt the use of mRNA COVID injections, as the data suggest there are far too many safety issues
  • Campbell argues that while the risk of complications and death due to COVID has significantly lessened since the early days of 2020, the risks associated with the COVID jabs remain the same. Hence, the risk-benefit ratio of the mass injection campaign has flipped, and the risk associated with the shot now outweighs the risk of infection
  • The COVID jabbed are now dying in greater numbers than the unjabbed — so much so that it has driven down the overall life expectancy in the U.S. by nearly three years
  • Across the world, excess mortality has dramatically risen since the rollout of the jabs. If they were beneficial, you’d expect excess mortality to drop. We’re also not seeing mass death from COVID. The only clear factor that might account for these discrepancies is mass injection with an experimental gene transfer technology
  • Most COVID-19 related deaths are also occurring among the fully jabbed and boosted

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, John Campbell, Ph.D., a retired nurse educator, has gained a following for his even-handed evaluations of COVID science and statistics. While he’s not known for taking a stand against the COVID shots, that recently changed.

At the end of December 2022, Campbell posted a video (above) calling on the British health authorities to halt the use of mRNA COVID injections, as the data suggest there are far too many safety issues to continue.

Moreover, most COVID-19 hospitalizations in 2022 were incidental, meaning they were not hospitalized “for” COVID but, rather, tested positive once admitted. Waves of outbreaks with newer, less hazardous variants have also resulted in high levels of natural immunity.

Campbell argues that while the risk of complications and death due to COVID has significantly lessened since the early days of 2020, the risks associated with the COVID jabs remain the same as they were at the outset.

Hence, the risk-benefit ratio of the mass injection campaign has flipped, and the risk associated with the shot now outweighs the risk of infection. Campbell is now urging the British government to pause the continued booster campaign until a population-wide risk-benefit analysis has been carried out, and the data published with full transparency so that independent researchers can verify the findings.

Life Expectancy Plummeted After COVID Jabs Rolled Out

What Campbell does not address in this video, but has reviewed in others, is that the COVID jabbed are actually dying in greater numbers than the unjabbed — so much so that it has driven down the overall life expectancy in the U.S. by nearly three years.1

In 2019, the average life span of Americans of all ethnicities was 78.8 years.2 By the end of 2020, it had dropped to 77.0 years3 and by the end of 2021, it was 76.4.4

We know this drop isn’t due to people dying of COVID-19, because the age groups with the highest increases in mortality were working age adults, 25 through 54, followed by children between the ages of 1 and 4.5 And, they are not tiny increases.

Rates of death increased 16.1% for 35- to 44-year-olds, 13.4% for 25- to 34-year-olds, 12.1% for 45- to 54-year-olds, and 10.1% for 1- to 4-year-olds. Meanwhile, COVID mortality was, from the start, highest among the elderly.

The average age of death due to COVID-19 was 82,6 which is actually older than the average life span, and mortality rates only increased by 3.8% among 65- to 74-year-olds and 2.4% among those aged 75 to 84. Life insurance data also confirm that it’s working age adults who are dying in record numbers.7

Excess Mortality Took Off After COVID Shots Were Introduced

COVID-19 is also an unlikely cause for the rapid decline in life expectancy for the simple fact that it’s not a major contributor to rising excess mortality, which only took off after the introduction of the COVID shots in early 2021.8

Excess mortality is a statistic that is related to but separate from life expectancy. It refers to the difference between the observed numbers of deaths (from all causes) during a given time, compared to the expected number of deaths based on historical norms, such as the previous five-year average. (Formula: reported deaths – expected deaths = excess deaths.)

Across the world, excess mortality has dramatically risen since the rollout of the jabs, and barely a day now goes by without a healthy adult suddenly dropping dead with no apparent cause.

If the COVID jabs were beneficial, you’d expect excess mortality to drop, yet that’s not what we’re seeing. We’re also not seeing mass death from COVID. The only clear factor that might account for these discrepancies is mass injection with an experimental gene transfer technology.

The Jabbed Also Account for Most COVID-19 Deaths

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data also show that most COVID-19 related deaths are now occurring among the jabbed and boosted, and this despite the fact that numbers are artificially suppressed by only counting people as “vaccinated” or “boosted” if they’re at least two weeks out from their last shot. As reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF):9

“In fall 2021, about 3 in 10 adults dying of COVID-19 were vaccinated or boosted. But by January 202210 … about 4 in 10 deaths were vaccinated or boosted. By April 2022 … data11 show that about 6 in 10 adults dying of COVID-19 were vaccinated or boosted, and that’s remained true through at least August 2022 (the most recent month of data).”

The data from this chart come from the CDC, which collects data on the number of deaths by vaccination status from 30 health departments (including states and cities) across the country.

In order to be counted as vaccinated, a person must be at least two weeks out from completing their primary series … Similarly, to be counted as having a booster, a person must be at least two weeks out from their booster or additional dose before testing positive. People who were partially vaccinated are not included in this data.”

COVID Jab Is Likely Fueling Mutation of Variants

Another reason to halt the COVID booster campaign that Campbell does not address is the very likely possibility that the shots are fueling mutations, giving rise to ever new and more resistant variants. As reported in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece by Allysia Finley,12 “The virus appears to be evolving in ways that evade immunity,” which is bad for the jabbed and unjabbed alike.

“Public-health experts are sounding the alarm about a new Omicron variant dubbed XBB that is rapidly spreading across the Northeast U.S.,” Finley writes.

“Some studies13 suggest it is as different from the original COVID strain from Wuhan as the 2003 SARS virus … It isn’t clear that XBB is any more lethal than other variants, but its mutations enable it to evade antibodies from prior infection and vaccines as well as existing monoclonal antibody treatments.

Growing evidence also suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible to XBB and could be fueling the virus’s rapid evolution …

Under selective evolutionary pressures, the virus appears to have developed mutations that enable it to transmit more easily and escape antibodies elicited by vaccines and prior infection.

The same study posits that immune imprinting may be contributing to the viral evolution. Vaccines do a good job of training the immune system to remember and knock out the original Wuhan variant. But when new and markedly different strains come along, the immune system responds less effectively.

Bivalent vaccines that target the Wuhan and BA.5 variants … prompt the immune system to produce antibodies that target viral regions the two strains have in common … XBB has evolved to elude antibodies induced by the vaccines and breakthrough infections.

Hence, the Nature study suggests, ‘current herd immunity and BA.5 vaccine boosters may not efficiently prevent the infection of Omicron convergent variants.’”

Indeed, a drawback of the original COVID shot that was widely ignored was that it only triggered the creation of antibodies against a single piece of the virus (the spike), whereas natural immunity creates antibodies against all of its parts.

Experts warned that embarking on a mass injection campaign would put enormous pressure on the spike that would result in mutations to evade immunity, and this is precisely what happened.

How Vaccines Can Drive Viruses to Mutate

The idea that vaccines can cause viral mutations is not new. As explained in “Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve,” published in Quanta Magazine14 in 2018, “Just as antibiotics breed resistance in bacteria, vaccines can incite changes that enable diseases to escape their control.”

The article details the history of the anti-Marek’s disease vaccine for chickens, first introduced in 1970. Today, we’re on the third version of this vaccine, as within a decade, it stops working. The reason for this is because the virus continuously mutates to evade the vaccine. What’s worse, the virus is also becoming increasingly deadly and more difficult to treat.

A 2015 paper15 in PLOS Biology tested the theory that vaccines are driving the mutation of the herpesvirus causing Marek’s disease in chickens. To do that, they vaccinated 100 chickens and kept 100 unvaccinated. All of the birds were then infected with varying strains of the virus. Some strains were more virulent and dangerous than others.

Viruses mutate all the time, and if you have a leaky vaccine, meaning one that doesn’t block infection completely, then the virus will mutate to evade the immune response within that person.

Over the course of the birds’ lives, the unvaccinated ones shed more of the least virulent strains into the environment, while the vaccinated ones shed more of the most virulent strains. As noted in the Quanta article:16

“The findings suggest that the Marek’s vaccine encourages more dangerous viruses to proliferate. This increased virulence might then give the viruses the means to overcome birds’ vaccine-primed immune responses and sicken vaccinated flocks.”

The take-home message here is that viruses mutate all the time, and if you have a leaky vaccine, meaning one that doesn’t block infection completely, then the virus will mutate to evade the immune response within that person.

As it happens, that is one of the distinct features of the COVID shots. They’re not designed to block infection. They allow infection to occur and at best lessen the symptoms, and as a result, the virus can mutate more or less unhindered. So, while the unjabbed were initially accused of being the ones responsible for mutations, it’s actually the jabbed who are the primary vectors.

Risk of COVID Infection Rises With Number of Shots

While newer variants can circumvent both “vaccine” immunity and natural immunity, natural immunity still provides far better protection, because the more shots a person gets, the more predisposed they become to COVID-19 infection.

This was most recently demonstrated in a Cleveland Clinic study,17 which concluded that the risk of COVID-19 infection “increased … with the number of vaccine doses previously received.” As reported by Finley:18

“Notably, workers who had received more doses were at higher risk of getting sick. Those who received three more doses were 3.4 times as likely to get infected as the unvaccinated, while those who received two were only 2.6 times as likely.

‘This is not the only study to find a possible association with more prior vaccine doses and higher risk of COVID-19,’ the authors noted. ‘We still have a lot to learn about protection from COVID-19 vaccination, and in addition to a vaccine’s effectiveness it is important to examine whether multiple vaccine doses given over time may not be having the beneficial effect that is generally assumed.’”

COVID Shots Suppress Your Immune Function

The COVID jabbed are also contracting other infections, as the shots weaken their innate immune system. In December 2022, MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff and Drs. Peter McCullough, Greg Nigh and Anthony Kyriakopoulos published a paper19 in which they described how the COVID shots inhibit the type-1 interferon pathway, which is the first-stage response to all viral infections.

As a result of this interferon inhibition, your innate immune system is suppressed, opening the door for all kinds of infections. Type-1 interferon also keeps latent viruses in check, so if your interferon pathway is suppressed, latent viruses, such as shingles, 20,21,22,23 can start to emerge. Importantly, cancer can also proliferate unchecked when your immune system is impaired.

Bivalent Boosters Are Minimally Effective at Best

The Cleveland Clinic study24 cited earlier also found that the bivalent COVID-19 booster was only 30% effective in preventing infection “during the time when the virus strains dominant in the community were represented in the vaccine.”

In other words, the boosters provide minimal protection even when well-matched to the circulating strain, and as its protection wanes, it leaves you at higher risk of infection than before.

Got the Jab? Take Action to Safeguard Your Health

If you already got one or more jabs and now have concerns about your health, what can you do? Well, first and foremost, never take another COVID booster, another mRNA gene therapy shot or regular vaccine. You need to end the assault on your system.

If you developed symptoms you didn’t have before your shot, I would encourage you to seek out expert help. Unfortunately, most conventional doctors are clueless when it comes to COVID jab injuries (and vaccine injuries in general), so you’ll need to do some homework.

At present, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) seems to have one of the best treatment protocols for post-jab injuries. It’s called I-RECOVER and can be downloaded from

Dr. Pierre Kory, who co-founded the FLCCC, has transitioned to treating the vaccine injured more or less exclusively. For more information, see DrPierreKory.comDr. Michelle Perro26 is also helping patients with post-jab injuries. I interviewed her about her treatment strategies in May 2022.

The World Health Council has also published lists of remedies that can help inhibit, neutralize and eliminate spike protein, which most experts agree is the primary culprit. I covered these in my 2021 article, “World Council for Health Reveals Spike Protein Detox.”

Other Helpful Treatments and Remedies

Other treatments and remedies that may be helpful for COVID jab injuries include:

•Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, especially in cases involving stroke, heart attack, autoimmune diseases and/or neurodegenerative disorders. To learn more, see “Hyperbaric Therapy — A Vastly Underused Treatment Modality.”

•Lower your Omega-6 intake. Linoleic acid is consumed in amounts 10 times higher than the ideal in well over 95% of the population and contributes to massive oxidative stress that impairs your immune response. Seed oils and processed foods need to be diligently avoided. See “How Linoleic Acid Wrecks Your Health” for more information.

•Pharmaceutical grade methylene blue, which improves mitochondrial respiration and aid in mitochondrial repair. A dose of 15 to 80 milligrams a day could go a long way toward resolving some of the fatigue many suffer post-jab.

It may also be helpful in acute strokes. The primary contraindication is if you have a G6PD deficiency (a hereditary genetic condition), in which case you should not use methylene blue at all. To learn more, see “The Surprising Health Benefits of Methylene Blue.”

•Near-infrared light, as it triggers production of melatonin in your mitochondria27 where you need it most. By mopping up reactive oxygen species, it too helps improve mitochondrial function and repair. Natural sunlight is 54.3% infrared radiation,28 so this treatment is available for free. For more information, see “What You Need to Know About Melatonin.”

•Lumbrokinase and serrapeptidase are both fibrinolytic enzymes that, when taken on an empty stomach one hour before a meal, or two hours after, will help reduce your risk of blood clots.

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Sources and References

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McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets found to contain mysterious fibers, hair-like structures; Natural News Forensic Food Lab posts research photos, video

Today we announce the first investigation conducted at the Natural News Forensic Food Laboratory, the new science-based research branch of Natural News where we put foods under the microscope and find out what’s really there.

Earlier today I purchased a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets from a McDonald’s restaurant in Austin, Texas. Under carefully controlled conditions, I then examined the Chicken McNuggets under a high-powered digital microscope, expecting to see only processed chicken bits and a fried outer coating.

But what I found instead shocked even me. I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in my decade of investigating foods and nutrition, but I never expected to find this…

Update: Natural News has now released a second round of “mysterious fiber” photos of Chicken McNuggets, in addition to the photos you see below.

Strange fibers found embedded inside Chicken McNuggets

As the following photos show, the Chicken McNuggets were found to contain strange fibers that some people might say even resemble so-called “Morgellon’s.”

We found dark black hair-like structures sticking out of the nugget mass, as well as light blue egg-shaped structures with attached tail-like hairs or fibers.

These are shown in extreme detail in the photos below, taken on August 15, 2013 at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab. The actual Chicken McNugget samples used in these photos have been frozen for storage of forensic evidence.

We also found odd red coloring splotches in several locations, as well as a spherical green object that resembles algae.

We are not claiming or implying that these objects in any way make McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets unsafe to consume. We do, however, believe that this visual evidence may warrant an FDA investigation into the ingredient composition of Chicken McNuggets.

In particular, where are the hair-like structures coming from? This is especially important to answer, given that chickens do not have hair. Is there cross-species contamination in the processing of Chicken McNuggets? This question needs to be answered.

Share this story with everyone you know.

Watch the video:

Microscopic photos reveal an alien-like landscape with weird shapes and fibers

Here are the some of the photos from the Natural News Forensic Food Lab:

Natural News Forensic Food Lab has now released a second round of “mysterious fiber” photos of Chicken McNuggets, in addition to the photos you see above.



DPG Law 13 Sept 2022

In a landmark judgment concerning state surveillance, the European Court of Human Rights has today found that the UK’s regime for the bulk surveillance of our telephone use, electronic communications and web activity violates the public’s right to privacy.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) today ruled that the UK’s mass interception programmes have breached the European Convention on Human Rights. The judgment marks the Court’s first ruling on UK mass surveillance programmes revealed by Edward Snowden. Deighton Pierce Glynn represented they campaign groups Big Brother WatchOpen Rights GroupEnglish PEN, and computer science expert Dr Constanze Kurz in the case, which began following Mr Snowden’s revelations of GCHQ mass surveillance.  They instructed Helen Mountfield QC of Matrix Chambers and Tom Hickman and Ravi Mehta of Blackstone Chambers as counsel.

In powerful language, the Court gave a stark warning in today’s judgment that “a system of secret surveillance set up to protect national security may undermine or even destroy democracy under the cloak of defending it”. It went on to find that UK’s laws and practices relating to the bulk interception of our communications were inadequate in several key respects.  In particular, the failure to constrain the use of “selectors” (the thousands of search terms that the intelligence services use to sift our communications) and the failure to apply safeguards to “communications data” (the time, location, identity, and website address of communications) violated the public’s right to privacy under Article 8 ECHR.

The Court also found that it is only with the UK government’s most recent inquiries and reforms in the wake of pressure by Big Brother Watch, Open Rights Group, Privacy International, Liberty, Amnesty International and others that the UK’s system for authorising and reviewing interception warrants was lawful.  At the time of Edward Snowden’s revelations, none of this was in place. The judgment is a vindication of the efforts by our clients and others to force a public debate about the extent of these powers, founded on the disclosures of Edward Snowden.

Although this judgment concerned the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, much of which has now been overtaken by the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, many of the Court’s observations apply to the new law.  More work will now follow to ensure that a greater focus is placed on safeguards to protect the public’s privacy under the new regime.

Dan Carey of Deighton Pierce Glynn, the solicitor representing the applicants, stated as follows:

“The Court has put down a marker that the UK government does not have a free hand with the public’s communications and that in several key respects the UK’s laws and surveillance practices have failed. In particular, there needs to be much greater control over the search terms that the government is using to sift our communications.  The pressure of this litigation has already contributed to some reforms in the UK and this judgment will require the UK government to look again at its practices in this most critical of areas.”

The judgment can be found here and was reported in The Guardian on 13th September 2018.

Other applicants in joined cases included Privacy InternationalLibertyAmnesty International and others.


Big Brother Watch, English PEN, Open Rights Group and Dr Constanze Kurz made their application to the Court in 2013 following Edward Snowden’s revelations that UK intelligence agencies were running a mass surveillance and bulk communications interception programme, TEMPORA, as well as receiving data from similar US programmes, PRISM and UPSTREAM, interfering with UK citizens’ right to privacy.

The case challenged the legality of the indiscriminate surveillance of UK citizens and the bulk collection of vast amounts of their personal information and communications by UK intelligence agencies under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA). The UK surveillance regime under RIPA was untargeted, meaning that UK citizens’ personal communications and information was collected at random without any element of suspicion or evidence of wrongdoing, and this regime was effective indefinitely.

The surveillance regime was challenged on the grounds that there was no sufficient legal basis, no accountability, and no adequate oversight, and that as a result, it infringed UK citizens’ Article 8 right to a private life.

Bertrand Russell: The Triumph of Stupidity

What has been happening in Germany is a matter of the gravest portent for the whole civilised world. Throughout the last hundred and fifty years, individual Germans have done more to further civilisation than the individuals of any other country; during the latter half of this period, Germans, collectively, have been equally effective in degrading civilisation. At the present day the most distinguished names in the world of learning are still German; the most degraded and brutal government is also German. Of the individual Germans whose work has caused Germany to be respected, some are in exile, some in hiding, and some have disappeared, their fate unknown. Given a few years of Nazi rule, Germany will sink to the level of a horde of Goths.
What has happened? What has happened is quite simple. Those elements of the population which are both brutal and stupid (and these two qualities usually go together) have combined against the rest. By murder, by torture, by imprisonment, by the terrorism of armed forces, they have subjected the intelligent and humane parts of the nation and seized power with the view of furthering the glory of the Fatherland.
What has happened in Germany may well happen elsewhere. The British Fascists are not as yet a large party, but they are growing rapidly, and if at any future time there should be danger of a Labour Government that meant business, they would win the support of most of the governing classes. Meanwhile, the British government of India is a form of Fascism, all the worse for being alien. The British in India, like the Hitlerites in Germany, can only govern by putting the best people in prison.
Brute force plays a much larger part in the government of the world than it did before 1914, and what is especially alarming, force tends increasingly to fall into the hands of those who are enemies of civilisation. The danger is profound and terrible; it cannot be waved aside with easy optimism.
The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt. Even those of the intelligent who believe that they have a nostrum are too individualistic to combine with other intelligent men from whom they differ on minor points. This was not always the case. A hundred years ago the philosophical radicals formed a school of intelligent men who were just as sure of themselves as the Hitlerites are; the result was that they dominated politics and that the world advanced rapidly both in intelligence and in material well-being.
It is quite true that the intelligence of the philosophical radicals was very limited. It is, I think, undeniable that the best men of the present day have a wider and truer outlook, but the best men of that day had influence, while the best men of this are impotent spectators. Perhaps we shall have to realise that scepticism and intellectual individualism are luxuries which in our tragic age must be forgone, and if intelligence is to be effective, it will have to be combined with a moral fervour which it usually possessed in the past but now usually lacks.
In this gloomy state of affairs, the brightest spot is America. In America democracy still appears well established, and the men in power deal with what is amiss by constructive measures, not by pogroms and wholesale imprisonment. After the defeat of the French Revolution, democracy; discredited by the reign of terror, reconquered the world from America. Perhaps America is destined once more to save Europe from the consequences of its excesses. (10 May 1933)

Portal Site for Russellian in Japan

* In: Mortals and Others: Bertrand Russell’s American Essays, 1931-1935, v.2, p.28.

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