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The business career of John D. Rockefeller exemplifies several of the themes raised in Glenn Porter’s The Rise of Big Business. Rockefeller personified the drive toward economic integration that was so prominent a tendency in our period. In many industries, business leaders strove to eliminate competition or merge with competitors. In the petroleum industry, Rockefeller led a similar drive, but he had even greater motivation. Oil production was less easily controlled than supplies in other industries, for by the “law of capture,” oil belonged to those who pumped it out of the ground. (Producers could not restrict production, hoping for better times, because neighboring wells might be pumping oil out of the same underground pool, thus stealing their supply.)

Rockefeller aimed to control the twin problems of overproduction and competition, which together created a large supply of crude oil, drove prices down, and threatened profits. His solution was many-sided, but consisted initially in the horizontal integration of nearly all the refineries in the country. By controlling this crucial phase in oil production, Rockefeller was able to control the price and the quantity of crude oil. His Standard Oil, as the largest purchaser, was able to dictate prices. In achieving control, Rockefeller also had the aid of

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The Last Word on Snake Oil – Meet William Rockefeller, Snake Oil Salesman

By James Corbett


Welcome. This is James Corbett of with the last word on snake oil.

The image of the traveling snake oil salesman of 19th century America is by now a familiar trope. It is the image of the heartless huckster who preys upon the trust of the general public to swindle them out of their hard-earned savings. With a bottle of useless tonic and the help of

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The Damning of Tony Blair: Former PM to Be Held to Account on Iraq in Chilcot Report on War

The damning of Tony Blair: Former PM to be held to account on Iraq in Chilcot report on war.
–Iraq war deal ‘signed in blood’ by former Prime Minister –Cabinet members kept in the dark in build-up to the war, July 31 2011

Tony Blair is to face scathing criticism from the official inquiry into the Iraq War for the role he played in leading Britain into one of its biggest foreign policy fiascos in modern history. The Mail on Sunday has been told that the former Prime Minister will be held to account on four main failings: Bogus claims that were made about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.  Not telling the British public about his secret pledge with George Bush to go to war. Keeping the Cabinet in the dark by his ‘sofa government’ style. Failing to plan to avoid the post-war chaos in Iraq.

Blair to face withering fire in Iraq report.
–Chilcot criticisms said to zero-in on WMD, ‘sofa-style’, secret pledge to Bush, and post-invasion plans, July 31 2011

Tony Blair is facing damning criticism of his role in the Iraq war from the official inquiry into the 2003 invasion, it was claimed last night. The Chilcot inquiry is expected to round on the former prime minister when it produces its final report after more than a year of exhaustive hearings and deliberations, according to a report in The Mail on Sunday. The newspaper claimed that Mr Blair, who was instrumental in the drive to war alongside the then-US President [sic] George Bush, will reportedly be held to account in four key areas, including ‘the failure to tell the British public about his “secret pledge” with President Bush to go to war.’

Hollie Greig’s case breaks into the mainstream media – THANKS to everyone who’s been supporting Hollie’s case

 Sunday Express Article

Welcome to everyone who has discovered the Hollie Greig case via the article in today’s Sunday Express. The newspaper must be congratulated for breaking the self-imposed media blackout.Ben Borland’s article could only scratch the surface of this most complex and harrowing case. Indeed, it would probably have required the Sunday Express to devote an entire edition of the paper to the story in order to do it justice.

Therefore I shall use today’s blog to point out a further 5 key facts relating to the case. Please note that these are facts, as opposed to opinions or speculation.

1. The “investigation” by Grampian Police consisted of interviewing only two out of sixteen alleged paedophiles, on one occasion each. Persons named by Hollie as fellow-victims were not interviewed by the police.

2. Within a few weeks of the allegations being made, Grampian Police instigated the sectioning of Anne Greig, Hollie’s mother. Anne has never had any mental health problems and shortly afterwards she obtained an independent psychiatric report which pronounced her perfectly sane.

3. I was arrested by plainclothes policemen in Aberdeen in February 2010, as I walked towards the city centre where I intended to distribute leaflets about the case. I was charged with Breach of the Peace although I have not yet stood trial. Bail conditions were imposed  which banned me from entering Aberdeenshire or from using the internet and required me to sign it at my local police station three times per week. I have been awarded Legal Aid to recruit a high calibre defence team headed by the distinguished QC, Frances McMenamin.

4. In June 2010, a malcontent called Greg Lance-Watkins, informed Shropshire Social Services, that Hollie, whom he had never met in his life, was a missing person. In spite of being advised by myself that Hollie was on a short break with her mother and was perfectly well, Police and Social Services broke into Anne and Hollie’s home and remained inside for several hours causing considerable damage. Shortly afterwards, family photographs which were removed during the raid, appeared on Mr Watkins’ hate-filled blog which is devoted to attempting to debunk Hollie’s case and to verbally abusing her supporters.

5. In December 2009, Elish Angiolini, then Lord Advocate of Scotland, arranged for a letter to be sent by lawyers Levy and MacRae threatening to sue legal magazine “The Firm” for libel in relation to their reporting of the Hollie Greig case. The Crown Office has declined to answer a Freedom of Information request asking whether the legal bills were paid by Mrs Angiolini herself, or by the taxpayer.

Robert Green

Germany’s Fourth Reich Has Conquered Europe

Germany produced many of the key figures in the development of socialism, including Otto von Bismarck, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Adolf Hitler, so it should come as no surprise that some Germans are falling head over jackboots for its most alarming incarnation yet, ecototalitarianism.

The latest European bailout arrangements essentially establish a German “Fourth Reich” to rule Europe, geopolitical analyst James G. Rickards tells King World News today. While the excerpt of the interview posted at the King World News blog doesn’t include it, Rickards’ interview also covers the effect the U.S. debt ceiling issue likely will have on the gold market. For that we’ll just have to wait for the full audio of the interview to be posted. The excerpt, headlined “Germany’s Fourth Reich Has Conquered Europe,” can be found at the King World News blog here:…

The KWN audio interview with Jim Rickards is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

The US Is Facing A Day Of Reckoning Over The Defecit

“The system is totally broken. There is a complete stalemate.”


An excerpt from Bob Chapman’s weekly publication.

July 30 2011: A week left to find a solution to the debt problem, downgrading warnings for the US, arguing over cuts, Americans no longer capable of paying off their debt, a game of chicken is being run in Washington over the deficit, European banking system also under great pressure, jobless recovery from the recession, a fiscal doomstay machine.

As we write on Wednesday, 7/27/11, there is still no debt limit for the US Treasury and the protagonists are still playing politics. That leaves a week to find a solution by August 2nd.

The first House passed a $16.7 trillion cut, cap and balance bill calls for a cut in the fiscal September 1st budget for 2012 and a balanced budget amendment that goes into effect in five years. Why five years, so they can amend it in a couple of years? This is truly political theater. This has little to do with the budget and everything to do with political powers. Worse yet,

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Look what Ben Bernanke is hiding

With America’s attention fixated on what’s happening in Washington concerning the debt crisis, I wanted to make sure you knew that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released the results of its one-time, limited audit of the Federal Reserve System.

The revelations are sickening – so-called “money” tossed around like confetti to banksters, foreign banks, and favored corporations.

Before I go into detail about their findings, let me first thank you for all your efforts in support of a thorough audit of our nation’s central bank.  This isn’t the full audit Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty continue to push, but it is a first peek behind Ben Bernanke’s curtain of secrecy.

This audit only happened because of our historic grassroots Audit the Fed movement.

Of course, Audit the Fed was always about achieving a complete, thorough audit.  Audit the Fed was stymied at the last minute in the Senate last year, but the limited, one-time audit our efforts guaranteed has revealed a number of reasons for why we must not give up on a full audit.

Sixteen Trillion reasons, actually.

We have now learned that the Federal Reserve lent $16 trillion to both domestic and overseas financial institutions during the height of the financial crisis!

Let me rephrase that while the number sinks in – $16,000,000,000,000.

In less than three years.

From Dec. 1, 2007 – July 21, 2010, the Federal Reserve “created reserves in the banking system” (Bernanke slang for printing money) that exceeded not only the entire U.S. GDP for a year, but also the entire U.S. national debt that’s accumulated over the past 224 years!

More than $3 trillion dollars were lent to overseas financial institutions in numerous countries, including in the U.K., Germany, and France.

In addition, we learned just how much the big banks who contributed heavily to the crisis were rewarded – including nearly $8 trillion to banks like Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Merill Lynch, and Bank of America.

In February 2009, Campaign for Liberty made Audit the Fed our top legislative priority for the 111th Congress.

At the time, most Americans didn’t even know what the Federal Reserve was.

But thanks to an unprecedented level of grassroots pressure generated by C4L members like you across the country, we were able to pry open just a portion of the Fed’s books for the first time in history!

And we gained the support of over 70% of the American people for Audit the Fed.

Now, the case has never been clearer for why a complete audit is needed, and our resolve to achieve our goal has never been stronger.

That’s why Campaign for Liberty is planning to turn on the pressure for Audit the Fed like never before.

We will especially focus our efforts on the U.S. Senate, where only 7 legislators have cosponsored Senator Rand Paul’s S. 202.

But to carry out this program, and alert millions of more Americans to our fight, we need your help.

First, if you haven’t yet done so, please sign the petition at right away.  Then, please send it to your family and friends so they can learn more about this key issue.

Second, while your representative and senators are back home on their August recess, schedule a meeting or stop in at a town hall and make sure to urge them respectfully to cosponsor the Audit the Fed bills, H.R. 459 and S. 202, if they have not already cosponsored.

If they have signed on, urge them to do everything in their power to achieve a standalone, up or down roll call vote in their chamber of Congress.

Third, I hope you can chip in $10 or $20 to help C4L increase the support for Audit the Fed even further and see it turned into law.

We’re up against one of the most secretive, powerful institutions in Washington, which can create money out of thin air to finance its operations.  Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama, and their bankster allies seem determined to never again let Americans know what the Fed does.

Well, it’s up to you and me to blow a hole in their secret projects and let loose the outrage of Americans feeling the pinch of out-of-control spending, skyrocketing gas prices, and an economy stuck in failure.

C4L can only take as much action as your continued support allows, and we thank you for all you have helped us accomplish so far.

This limited, one-time glimpse into the Fed’s activities was only possible because of your tireless efforts.

Now is the time to double down on the pressure.

Campaign for Liberty will continue to use our nationwide grassroots network to educate millions of Americans about sound money and the need for transparency at our nation’s secretive central bank.

With your continued assistance, we will generate millions of petitions and phone calls to Congress pushing for the passage of Audit the Fed (officially “The Federal Reserve Transparency Act” in Congress), H.R. 459 and S. 202.

In Liberty,

Timothy Shoemaker
Director of Legislation

P.S. Now that we know that the Fed tossed around over $16 trillion in less than three years to favored banksters, insiders, and foreign institutions, it’s time to double down on the pressure for a complete audit of our central bank.

In addition to signing the petition at, I hope you will stop by your elected officials’ local offices during their August recess to urge them to do all in their power to pass Audit the Fed.

The US Constitution Makes Default Illegal: What a Real President Would Do on August 1, 2011

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
TARPLEY.netMy fellow Americans:I speak to you tonight in an hour of grave danger to our nation. As you know, within the next few hours our government is in danger of failing to make payments of interest and principal which the United States Treasury has contracted to make. In technical terms, we are not far away from beginning to default on payments associated with those US Treasury securities which represent the public debt of the United States. As part of the same crisis, there is now a threat to over 70 million checks which your government issues every month — payments which go to recipients of Social Security, to providers of health services under the Medicare program, to Medicaid beneficiaries, to our active-duty and retired military personnel, to our defense contractors, to our government employees — in short, to everyone who receives a benefit from the federal government, who works for the federal government, or who does business with the federal government.

Default Means National Bankruptcy and World Chaos

A default of this kind means nothing less than national bankruptcy. Default is the essence of chaos and anarchy. It is a peril which we have successfully avoided during our entire existence

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Greek debt crisis a Goldman Sachs economic coup?

Journalist, entrepreneur and Russia Today opinion host Max Keiser traveled to Greece recently for a film project that looks at how the country came to be on the verge of default.

The conclusion of his interview subjects, and indeed a large portion of the Greek population, is that Goldman Sachs, perhaps the most powerful financial firm in the world, has engaged in an economic coup against the nation, taking advantage of rife tax fraud to force Greek lawmakers to hand over the country’s public assets.

His mini-documentary is concise, smart and informative. Take 20 minutes to learn what happened there, before it starts happening in the U.S.



Source: Raw Story

Green Agenda Has Parallels With Excesses of Communism


Czech President Vaclav Klaus says the climate change movement is a threat to democracy. Source: Herald Sun

IN a serendipitous coincidence of timing, in the space of two hours this week, Australians were afforded a sharp, momentary insight into the two opposing ideological mindsets that are competing for the soul of our nation.

In a Sydney hotel on Monday night, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, an economist who fought against communism, was warning of the new threats to our freedom he recognises in the doctrine of global warming.

Almost simultaneously, in a Hobart casino, Greens senator Christine Milne was unilaterally announcing, on ABC-TV’s Q&A show, that the Government would be conducting an inquiry into the section of the Australian media that she finds “extreme(ly) bias(ed) against action on climate change”.

Milne’s every illiberal pronouncement was greeted with applause by an audience that seemed full of tree huggers, bearded public servants and other recipients of government largesse, about the only growth industry left in Tasmania.

Klaus, on the other hand, was speaking to an audience of economic liberals and climate change realists invited by the Institute of Public Affairs, the Melbourne-based free-market think tank.

“Twenty years ago we still felt threatened by the remnants of communism. This is really over,” Klaus said.

“I feel threatened now, not by global warming — I don’t see any — (but) by the global warming doctrine, which I consider a new dangerous attempt to control and mastermind my life and our lives, in the name of controlling the climate or temperature.”

Klaus, 70, who has twice been elected as Czech President and is its former prime minister, is one of the most important figures in post-communist Europe. His experiences under totalitarian rule have made him exquisitely alert to the erosion of democratic freedoms.

He said environmentalists had been arguing for decades that we should reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, using various farcical ploys from the exhaustion of natural resources to the threat of “imminent mass poverty and starvation for billions”.

Those same environmentalists shamelessly talk now about dangerous global warming.

“They don’t care about resources or poverty or pollution.

“They hate us, the humans. They consider us dangerous and sinful creatures who must be controlled by them.

“I used to live in a similar world called communism. And I know it led to the worst environmental damage the world has ever experienced.”

Global warming alarmists “want to change us, they want to change our behaviour, our way of life, our values and preferences. They want to restrict our freedom because they themselves believe they know what is good for us. They are not interested in climate. They misuse the climate in their goal to restrict our freedom. Therefore …what is in danger is freedom, not the climate”.

He described the parallels he sees between the loss of freedom under communism and the new global warming doctrine.

Under communism, “politics dictated the economics and dictated life. Our main ambition during the dark communist days was to change that and create an autonomous society and autonomous economic system with only a marginal role played by politics … I am sorry to discover now politics dictates the economics again. And the global warming debate is the same story (in which) politicians dictate the issue”.

He said because of his experience of communism, “maybe I am over-sensitive. I am afraid that some of the people who spend their lives in a free society don’t appreciate sufficiently all the issues connected with freedom.

“So my over-sensitivity is like an alarm clock warning about the potential development, which I am really afraid of.”

With Klaus’s words ringing in my ears I went home and watched a recording of Milne’s performance on Q&A.

There Milne was equating those decent Australians who have been exercising their democratic right to protest at anti-carbon tax rallies with the crazed gunman who killed 76 people in Norway on the weekend.

“It’s been pretty shocking around Australia over the last month or two in relation particularly to the carbon price,” she said.

Coupled with her view that the voices of those in the media who are against the carbon tax ought to be investigated, it was a chilling echo of the attack on freedom Klaus had just warned against.

The speed at which the arrogance of the Greens has grown since they entered a power-sharing arrangement with the Gillard Government almost a year ago, and the shambolic acquiescence of the Government to their demands, has caught us unawares. It has lulled us into accepting as normal some remarkably illiberal ideas.

For instance, there is the drastic reshaping of the economy by the carbon tax Gillard assured us we would not have, and its six unaccountable new bureaucracies.

There is the media inquiry flagrantly designed by the Government and Greens to punish only the media organisation whose newspapers (such as this one) have most embarrassed them and exposed their mistakes.

THERE is the idea that companies that create wealth and jobs for Australia are evil “big polluters”, and that our most important industry, mining, should be saddled with a “super-profits tax”.

There is the idea that there is something so wrong with private school funding that an inquiry is needed, and that the Greens’ policy of 30 per cent death duties on estates over $5 million is perfectly reasonable.

We are like frogs in boiling water.

Even Reserve Bank chairman Glenn Stevens this week blamed the “increasingly bitter political debate” for declining consumer confidence.

No, the bitterness of the debate comes from the fact people feel their way of life being compromised by a Government that is a rule unto itself and seems to believe it knows better than us what is good for us.

The carbon tax is a factor, but the single most unsettling event was the live cattle trade fiasco, which is still unresolved.

It prompted the feeling that, if the Government can suddenly and arbitrarily stop a legitimate thriving industry in its tracks, based on a one-sided television show, with no right of reply, then what can it do to me? That is a very sobering thought.

It is what stops people shopping, and it is what makes the debate bitter.

The more the Government turns a deaf ear to the people, the louder the people shout. And then, what is the reaction of an undemocratic Government but to find ways to muzzle dissent?

Source: Herald Sun

Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag: More Than One Shooter on Island; Oslo Police Drilled Bomb Blasts; Was It NATO’s Revenge for Norway’s Decision to Stop Bombing Libya?

Gunman Conspired With Business and Political Leaders Before Massacre 260711top

Anders Behring Breivik | 2083 A European Declaration of

Independence | Manifesto — Claimed Manifesto relating to the Oslo Bombings/Shootings

Gunman Conspired With “Business and Political Leaders” Before Massacre

Breivik marched with heavily MI5-infiltrated English Defence League in London

Prison, July 26 2011

By: Paul Joseph Watson

Anders Behring Breivik said he conspired with “business and political leaders” in London years before he set about planning last week’s massacre, an intruiging connection given the fact that the gunman’s manifesto is datelined “London 2011, suggesting a clear connection to the capital as evidence emerges of a wider plot. “In the manuscript Breivik describes his “mentor” as an Englishman he identifies as “Richard”, and says his journey into violent extremism began at a small meeting in London in 2002 where a group of like-minded extremists met to “reform” the Knights Templar Europe, a military group whose purpose was “to seize political and military control of western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda,” reports the Guardian. “In his manifesto Breivik said the gathering in London was “not a stereotypical ‘rightwing’ meeting full of underprivileged, racist

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Muammar Gaddafi Could Stay in Libya, U.K Secratary of State William Hague Concedes

Foreign secretary opens path for political peace as British planes step up bombing before Ramadan.

Britain is prepared to agree to a political settlement in Libya that would see Muammar Gaddafi remain in the country after relinquishing his hold on power, the foreign secretary, William Hague, has said.

As British aircraft step up the bombing against Gaddafi’s security and intelligence apparatus before the arrival of Ramadan on 1 August, Hague said the focus should be on ensuring that the Libyan leader leaves power. Speaking at a press conference in London Monday with his French counterpart Alain Juppé, who has been more relaxed about Gaddafi’s personal future, Hague said it was up to the Libyan people to decide his future.
Libyan rebel leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil has said Gaddafi and his family could stay in the country if they gave up power. His concession, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, reflects those by Nato governments, including Britain and France, which are now suggesting Gaddafi might not be arraigned before the international criminal court (ICC) in The Hague for war crimes.

Nicholas Watt and Richard Norton-Taylor, Guardian, Monday 25 July 2011 20.20 BST

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