Mommy, I Want To Grow Up To have The Ethics Of A Banker!

The global banking industry has serious ethical issues. The national banking systems has serious corruption issues. The subjects of those two sentence can be interchanged with the objects of those two sentences.

There are many theories and reasons why, but for the moment lay that a side. The past is past and no one can change the past. People need tools, weapons, strategies, n how to deal with the conglomerate banking industry in the present moment.





It is not enough to sound off and hope that something changes. The people have to put the change in place. The people have to put the change in place now. Beginning today.


It is not just individual people and families burdened by the horrific ethics and culture of corruption of the banking industry. It is also, communities from small towns to countries that are burdened with the perverse culture of corruption that the banking industry has become.


Bankers and their employees are no longer people of high and moral character. They have become predator drones with a lapse of ethics so severe that every encounter with personnel of banks from the janitor to the teller to the managers to the CEOs should be met with encouragement to leave the corruption behind, to quit their jobs, to void contracts. A full out intervention is needed.


But what can people do more than that Debt Strike has created a living document:


The Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual

This manual—written by an anonymous collective of resistors, defaulters, and allies from Strike Debt and Occupy Wall Street—aims to provide specific tactics for understanding and fighting against the debt system. You’ll find detailed strategies and resources for dealing with credit card, medical, student, housing and municipal debt, tactics for navigating the pitfalls of personal bankruptcy, and information to help protect yourself from predatory lenders. Recognizing that individually we can only do so much to resist the system of debt, the manual also introduces ideas for those who have made the decision to take collective action.

Down load it today. Read it this week.

Download the Manual 

To be fully aware is to be armed. Do not engage your future without the knowledge of some of the bet minds in the world at your side.

Source: Julia Clark

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