~ The Fukushima Story You Never Knew About ~

The Queen’s Death Star Depleted Uranium Measured in British Atmosphere from Battlefields in the Middle East


Don’t bank on the bomb:

Scientists still perplexed a year later.
An earthquake of that magnitude was not supposed to happen in Japan.
Debate continues as to what triggered it.

Yes, natural forces are known to build up at the intersection of major tectonic plates, BUT what triggered the snap? Why were many areas hit by the tsunami first, BEFORE ANY shaking occured?
Known facts are that:
1. A “research” ship, the Chikyu, was working only days before the quake at the EXACT epicenter of the quake. Reports in Japan claim technicians were told they were planting small explosives for research. None were aware that today’s nukes are SMALLER than conventional explosives. The same reports now claim 14 of 15 technicians involved have been murdered. 1 survivor is now in hiding, but has written a book on events. A book only available in Japanese. Are these claims credible? I do not know. I don’t speak Japanese and I wasn’t there, but it does correlate to the forensic evidence compiled by reporter Jim Stone.
2. HAARP was in FULL OPERATION that day. NOBODY in the outside world knows for sure exactly what those powerful electromagnetic frequencies do. To claim it was not to blame for the earthquake is just as speculative as to claim it was. Even if it did not trigger the event, it very well could have made a bad thing worse.
3. An Israeli owned security firm named Magna BSP had full access to everything at Fukushima long before the quake. After the tsunami, Japan brought in emergency diesel generators to replace the damaged ones to get the cooling pumps operating again.
But nothing worked.

Equipment responded as if the Stuxnet Virus had ruined all controls. Stuxnet is widely accepted to have been a joint project between CIA and Mossad, allegedly against Iran. Why did it show up now in Fukushima at the exact time of the tsunami? HOW did it show up at that time? Stuxnet is not spread by the internet. It is installed by hands on access. Who had that? ONLY an Israeli security firm…Mossad.
4. Equally perplexing is 3 internet reporters I often link to are viciously divided on the cause. Most surprising is a still excellent news aggregator, Jeff Rense who loves to jump on every mistake Israel makes, often with justifiable cause. But now he pulls a 180 and claims Israel/Mossad had nothing to do with Fukushima. Why? In the midst of all the mud slinging between Rense, Makow and Rivera we learn Jeff Rense has been married 9 times. That’s more than Newt Ginrich, Cherr, or even Zsa Zsa Gabor. Was one of his ex-wives a Mossad agent threatening him now? Who knows? But the jury is still out on what triggered the massive disaster. We should be more concerned now about remediating ALL nuclear waste and making sure no psychopaths get their hands on dangerous toys like a nuclear reactor. 3/11/2012

Thanks to Russ: http://www.commutefaster.com/Energy2….

Thanks to Alex Jones and Greg Palast:

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