Charlotte’s Web and Zaki’s Journey

New CNN “Weed” Documentary


On August 11th, 2013, Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s “Weed” documentary premiered on CNN. A large part of the film focuses on Charlotte Figi, a patient who used high-CBD cannabis oil to almost completely control Dravet Syndrome, one of the most severe forms of epilepsy. With the oil, Charlotte’s seizures dropped from 300 grand mal episodes a week to three minor seizures a month. This is the first truly mainstream testimonial ever released for cannabis oil, and is a testament to the progress of the cannabis extract movement. While the actual CNN documentary is not available, the video to the right discusses the subject of the story, Charlotte, as well as another child patient.

Educating the world about cannabis extract medicine and continuing to treat patients is the way for the movement to succeed. The CNN documentary signals a major victory and hopefully the impending end of our long struggle for healing.

The Path Forward for Cannabis Medicine

It’s no secret this world is pervasively suffering. War, hunger, pollution, and of course disease plague every corner of the Earth. For us in the cannabis extract movement, we know that cannabis oil is the solution. Once the world is freed from the vast majority of disease, the problems of political turmoil and resource management will be far easier to handle. In fact, through the use of industrial hemp, we can produce abundant, super-nutritious food, cleaner fuel, oil-free plastics, clothing, textiles, housing, and more. Even the simple growth of hemp heals the Earth by regenerating its soil and removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The bottom line is that cannabis will save the world, and the time is now to start taking serious action towards that goal. Every day, thousands of people die needlessly, so the urgency of our mission can never be forgotten.

Directly treating patients, documenting their results, and promoting successes professionally are the most powerful actions we or anybody in this movement can take. It is because of the thousands of regular patients and distributors that we have so many testimonials already. When individuals see these testimonials, and are sick or know others who are, it encourages them to take action. The more testimonials there are, the more people who will see them, the more who will do something, and the experience vaults will grow even further. Once the breaking point occurs, everybody will start using cannabis medicine because of the desperation to save their or their family’s lives. It’s largely a matter of treating enough people until that point is reached.

It is difficult for the average person to effectively discuss cannabis extract medicine, due largely to the initial absurdity of curative claims. To convince others that cannabis oil really cures cancer, they must be shown not only patient testimonials, but the science which supports these potentials and the work of doctors like Dr. Robert Melamede and Dr. William Courtney. By seeing the science, and the fact that both regular people and doctors alike are achieving success, the evidence of the truth becomes much more concrete. Rick Simpson’s story is also an incredible testament to cannabis oil’s power, as he risked over a decade in prison to keep providing people medicine for free, which nobody would do if their actions were ineffective. Conveying these facts, along with the all-important experiences, is how we will win.

If you are in a position to make high-quality cannabis oil and treat others, do it. If you are sick, healing yourself with cannabis oil and sharing your story can help save other lives, like Corrie Yelland and Shona Banda have done. Most simply, just sharing the information with anyone you can find is excellent.

In the future, we will be developing a guide for how to talk about cannabis oil. It’s a controversial topic that, when discussed improperly, does sound kind of crazy. That’s why you need to be armed with the tools to cut through the ignorance and create more followers. To start, you can download the official List of Testimonials, which includes over 100 testimonials in the form of videos, news articles, blog and forum posts. It takes awhile to get through them all, but if you do, you will be far more capable of explaining this movement coherently.
The past five years has seen an explosion of patient testimonials and interest from the international and medical communities. We are so close to victory. By working together on educational and treatment projects, we will win.

Watch a BRAND NEW documentary about Rick’s old friends from Canada, who are still doing great work for the cannabis extract movement, right here. The documentary is called Canada’s New Oil Men, and it is a great example of how people can make a difference by directly treating patients.

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